New Mum Style: Scarf Fashion

   Scarf fashion 

Our gorgeous in-house fashion blogger, Ellen from The Stylist Mama, has shared with us again some fun and simple fashion tips to make new mums feel beautiful! Don’t forget to read through as there’s a special surprise at the end!

Women tend to underestimate the power of a trusty scarf, especially in summer when it feels like it’s a million degrees, and as we all know, fashion tends to take a bit of a backseat when we become mothers, only because…. well… the kids come first.

Wearing a scarf doesn’t have to just be a Winter trend, I find so many uses for wearing them through the summer for both style and piece of mind!

Here are a few great tips on how you can incorporate wearing a scarf in the summer months, and get away with using it for other mummy essentials!!

Use your scarf as a scarf!

Ok, I will start with a SUPER obvious one here, but hey, if your a new mum struggling to find something to wear or can not be bothered pull something together, wearing something very simple and easy, and throwing a beautiful light scarf on will change your look completely! I recommend wearing your hair up and off your collar (if possible) to stay nice and cool while doing so. For summery scarves, think light cottons, pastel colours and tassels! They are so gorgeous and bright at the moment, and will save you a fortune not having to buy a whole new wardrobe (and are an easy way to take your look from day to night!)

Use your scarf as a pram cover/ swaddle! scarf fashion 5

Ok I’m sure we have all been here before, you’ve been out, got bub in the pram, they are ready to go down for a sleep and you FORGOT to pack a muslin to pop over the pram or wrap them up in?! EEEK!! This always happened to me (baby brain) but I used have the nappy bag so full of other things, packing a blanket seemed like my idea of handbag hell! So instead, I used to wear the scarf and wrap bub up in it when she was ready for a snooze, plus it had my smell on it so she would settle really quickly! #parentingwin


Use your scarf to clean up any spills! scarf fashion 4

This may break some hearts, especially if you’ve just bought a gorgeous new scarf, but using your new little multi use accessory, it acts as the perfect little cloth to wipe up and milk dribbles which is awesome when you are feeding!!

On that note:



Use your scarf as a feeding cover!scarf fashion 5

I wasn’t too confident feeding in public personally, because I had power boobs that used to leak all-day-everyday, so I struggled trying to latch my bubba in public because I was terrified they would project milk everywhere!! This is what actually spurred my on to wear scarves, because they used to give me a little privacy and if I did have any leaking or drips, thescarf would cover it all!

I hope these little insights have inspired you to wear more scarves over the next few months, they are so stylish, so light and have so many new uses for you to try!

My go to brands are, Fashion Scarf Girl, Seed Heritage, and Forever New! They always have great on trend styles and are so damn affordable!!!

Scarf Fashion: Giveaway Time!!

Because scarves are just so amazing, I’ve teamed up with Fashion Scarf Girl on Instagram to give one lucky follower the chance to win a gorgeous scarf OF YOUR CHOICE (from Fashion Scarf Girl’s collection of course!). All you need to do is follow us both on Instagram (go to my account HERE to find the Giveaway post), like the post and give us a little love in the comments (and its always nice to share, so feel free to tag some friends as well!). Good luck, and enjoy your new beautiful scarf fashion ladies! xx

About Ellen Robbins

Based in Brisbane Australia, Ellen is a full time stylist, blogger, lover, and mother of one. She owns The Stylist Mama, a fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to showcasing the latest products, events and stories for women and children across the world. Click on the buttons below to find her site and social media handles.


  1. I LOVED the scarf as a new mum! So so many different uses. It became a game to find out how many different uses we could come up with.

    • I love it too Rebecca! As a new mum I think accessories are the easiest way to feel ‘dressed up’ and ‘pretty’ again (well that’s what I found anyway!) because you still need to wear practical clothes for feeding, etc. I didn’t even think about other ways to use it until Ellen shared this tricks with me/us! Do you have any other suggestions?

  2. I am totally scarf obsessed lol. Seriously, I have more than I can count and I do wear them year round as well. They really can spice up a dull look, especially if you put your hair in a bun & throw on a bold pair of earrings. It never even crossed my mind to use them as a cover while I was breast feeding!!!

    • Haha I think I’m going to become scarf obsessed too MacKenzie! There are so many gorgeous colours and patterns out there that they seriously go with everything! I like the idea of bold earrings too 🙂 How great are they as a nursing cover? I thought that was brilliant! Don’t forget to join in our giveaway on Instagram to add to your scarf collection 🙂

  3. I love a scarf. I use it as an accent since my wardrobe is usually pretty plain. It really adds a pop of color and fun. Plus, it gets windy here in the desert, so it helps keep me warm right now!

    • I agree – as a new mum I have to basically wear plain, practical clothes that are easy for feeding, but a scarf dresses it up nicely to make you feel all dolled up 🙂 Wow, in the desert, where abouts are you?

  4. Great ideas. I used to do this with pashmina wraps in the winter and big scarves in the summer. It did need to be washable though. Not everything has to come from the baby store.

    • So true Gillie, thank you for sharing! Scarves work just as well as feeding covers or pram covers, and can be a lot cheaper than those from baby stores too!

  5. I am LOVING that gorgeous bird fabric!!! I can’t get over how pretty it is. I think I need to go check out the giveway – I keep wanting to get some scarves, but I just haven’t jumped off that ledge yet. 🙂

    • Isn’t it gorgeous? You DEFINITELY have to check the giveaway out, she has lots of amazing designs! I was a bit hesitant initially about scarves too, but now I just LOVE them!

    • Such a good idea! There have been times where I’m running around trying to find a bib or something if he has a little spew, but the scraf is so quick and easy to grab! (And easy to wash too!)

  6. nice idea for feeding I never thought of that one! I use my scarf draped over my shoulders when i forget or just don’t want to shave my arms for the day! he he lol

  7. I have one scarf that was given to me by a family member a few years ago. I use it from time to time, but not as much as I would like (nor does it go with much that I have – lol). I guess I’m just going to have to invest in some more.

    • I’m the same – I never really used scarves much before, but now that I have some nice ones (that can go with different outfits), and I know how versatile they are, I’m definitely going to be getting some more!


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