19 helpful mum hacks for a new baby

I was in the middle of preparing this awesome post of mum hacks for a new mum because, let’s be honest, in those early weeks and months we can use all the help we can get! However, as I was preparing this post I came across another post HERE of ’31 incredibly helpful tips and hacks for a new baby’. I thought it was pretty great, so instead of reinventing the ENTIRE wheel, I’d just deck it out a bit with a few extra tips and mum hacks that I’ve found helpful, as well as some shared from other mums.

My 19 incredibly helpful mum hacks for a new baby:

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  1. For the expressing mum – Cut some holes in an old or cheap sports bra to hold the expressing pump/bottle in. It keeps your hands free to do other things so you don’t lose that precious time (and you don’t waste money on buying a ‘special expressing bra’.
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  1. TRIED AND TESTED – disposable nappies can become expensive, albeit convenient. Add to that SWIM nappies, and it can get a bit much. Here is a great hack that I read about and tried, and goodness gracious it works – brilliant! Our son does swimming lessons, so we use disposable swim nappies. However if the nappy is only wet (no poo), you can WASH the nappy in a delicates bag in the washing machine. Hang it out to dry and it’ll be good to use for another swimming lesson/outing at the beach or pool. Cool huh?
    Mum Hack 3
  1. If you want to save some money on things like toys, libraries often have toys you can borrow. By paying a small fee for a library membership, you can borrow toys to take home. This is great too because you can rotate between lots of different toys for variety at minimal cost.
    Mum Hack 4
  1. Instead of having a separate change table and chest of drawers, invest in a two-in-one chest of drawers/change table combination. We found this great because we could also store away all the bits and bobs for changing in the top drawer. Plus we got the set that you can add/remove the change table, so later on our boy has a chest of drawers ready to go.
    Mum Hack 5
  2. Also invest in a good quality ergonomic baby carrier. While prams/strollers are good, and capsules are great, a baby carrier will be GOLD for you. We found having a carrier super helpful when bubs would only sleep on us, because you can still get stuff done while holding/rocking/cuddling baby to sleep. We used a Baby Bjorn, but also started using a Peek-a-baby Baby wrap recently and loved it. However this is personal preference, so make sure you check it out before baby arrives if possible.
    Mum Hack 6
  1. Being a new mum means you have like ZERO time for yourself. Sometimes you just need 2 minutes to pee or have a shower, but bubs just WILL. NOT. SLEEP. Use a bouncer, play gym or highchair (if they’re slightly older) and bring them into the bathroom with you. That way you can keep an eye on them for the 2 minutes you need to do what you gotta do.
    Mum Hack 7
  2. Have a ‘Go Bag’ ready to literally get up and GO by the front door. Packed with everything you would need to just leave the house at a second’s notice. Adapt when your kids are older to include notebooks, pens, non-perishable snacks, water bottles and an extra layer of clothing. For more tips and tricks for the ‘Go Bag’, read HERE.
  3. Because there is literally a QUADRILLION more clothes to wash with a bub (it sounds like an exaggeration, but it really isn’t), Emily has a great laundry tip HERE to really help you out!
    Food hacks for new mums…

    Mum Hack 9

  4. Speaking of time, it’s important to save as much of it as possible. Prepare meals during naptimes (when they DO sleep). This can limit the amount of work you need to do at dinner time or during your baby’s ‘witching hour’. My best tip, invest in a SLOW COOKER (yes we were slow to this party but oh so worth it!), and start dinner during the afternoon nap time, so it is ready to go for you later that evening.
    Mum Hack 10
  5. Use a heavy plastic mat (like the ones that are used under office/desk chairs) under your child’s high chair or seat. This will make it a billion times easier to clean or sweep up after eating time (and it is easier than replacing a splash mat after every meal time).
  6. Because new mums are time poor, EAT with your kids every meal time (as much as possible). This means you don’t miss out on eating and you can get into a good routine of family meal habits from day 1.
    mum hacks shaped plates
  7. When your child is moving to solids, invest in plates with sections shaped like cool things. There’s so many options, like these Koala and Wombat plates from Emondo World for Kids. It makes eating more enjoyable for the kids, plus they’re super fun to buy (who doesn’t love shopping for kids?!).
  8. Speaking of MESS – keep a plastic table cloth in your car for all things mess related – food, trips with wet, sandy children to/from the beach, or just the nature of children in general!
Some great tips for when your child gets older…
  1. This tip is pure GOLD! Allocate each of your children a colour so that their things all match (eg. bowl, cup, knife/fork, toothbrush, towel, mug, underpants!). Then they can grab their items when they like. It apparently makes mornings a thousand times easier and teaches kids to take responsibility for getting their belongings.
  1. Emily shares a great ‘Back to school’ clothes organisation tip on her blog HERE.
  1. Do you have sporty kids? Have bags packed for each child, ready to go by the door. These should be packed with all the items they need, and a checklist (e.g. mouthguard, runners, water bottle, etc). Make sure the bag is packed and CHECKED the night before. Make this part of the child’s responsibility as they get older.
  1. A great adaptation of Bron’s ‘Go Bag’ is an ‘Activity bag’. This is great for the older kids, packed with books, toys, other activities of interest (plus the water bottle, extra layer of clothing, etc) so it is also ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  1. Have a drawer full of plastic bottles and cups at your kids’ height plus a plastic bottle of cold water on the bottom shelf of the fridge so from an early age kids can always get themselves a glass of water whenever they please.
  1. A brilliant tip to avoid your children bickering! For kids who share a bedroom – keep a roster of who keeps the bedroom clean (alternate) to avoid fights
And lastly, some added extra bonus tips just to keep you SANE as a new mum!
  • Be part of a good mother’s group/playgroup. The support of other mums is nothing short of vital in those early weeks/months! Being a part of a group is such a terrific help, so plug in to a great, connected group ASAP!
  • Where possible, tag team EVERYTHING with your husband (or helpful other!) so each of you gets time to rest. This goes for home, travel, etc. Share the load of cooking, feeding, playing, nappy changing – it’ll mak a world of difference!
  • Nothing beats the power of prayer! Pray that God will help you take one day at a time!

Are there any amazing tips or hacks that have helped you in your motherhood journey? I’d love to hear them in the comments below! Also if you have images you could contribute to some of the mum hack ideas above (as I’ve only got my 5 month old boy!), please email me at hello@mummamorrison.com and I will include them along with the appropriate credit. Thank you!

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About Fi Morrison

Fi is a mum to her beautiful, 1-year-old baby boy who she affectionately calls Starfish. She started Mumma Morrison as a way to document her life with her son, but also aims to create a supportive and encouraging community for new and prospective mums. She is returning to part-time teaching in July. Fi and her family live in Sydney.


  1. Great tips! I’ve tried most of these but probably avoided the single colour thing with plates, etc. Kids can get obsessed with one colour and then when that option is not available (eg. friends are over, the plate breaks or whatever the situation) then the whole “sharing” thing can be hard to deal with.

    • Such an excellent point Cindy! Each child can be so different, and as you say, can react differently when their colour isn’t available. Thank you for sharing such a valid point!

  2. Here’s a tip- skip the disposable swim nappies altogether! You can actually buy washable cloth swim nappies that are just as effective and can be tossed in the washing machine. Much more sustainable than disposables, cheaper in the long run and far less landfill! 🙂 And I second a carrier. Would not have survived baby #2 without my slings!

    • Thanks Amy! We actually tried a washable cloth nappy but our boy seemed to annihilate it to the point of no return… 😳 but maybe it was the brand we used? I definitely agree, if there is a great quality reusable one, it would be so much better! Glad the carrier came in handy for you too 😊

  3. That’s a great collection of tips! One aspect I’m becoming more and more appreciative of is a) lists – of what should be in your go to bag, etc, so you’re not relying on your memory all the time and b) being more flexible and less rigid (I stress too much and going with the flow can be just as important!)

    • I agree Helen, lists are soooo useful! I might try to include some on my blog soon!
      And that is so true – I’m a very organised person, and babies teach you very quickly that you need to be flexible!
      Thanks for your amazing tips and feedback!

  4. I love this! I love my slings and wraps – my Tula has proven to be the best over time, but I also have a soft spot for my didymos woven wrap.

    One other thing I would add is to remember it’s all going to be ok x

    • Thanks Lauren! Slings and wraps are amazing too – I have one to try this week and I can’t wait to check it out!

      I’ll definitely add that reminder to the post in the morning – I totally agree! I remember so many mums saying to me early on “it gets better after 12 weeks” and I never believed them. But now I’m a firm believer and would tell any new mum the same thing!

  5. Great article. The struggle is real with the laundry lol. I have a four and a half month old. There are only three of us, but the laundry is never ending! And the baby carrier truly is a life saver, as is the exercauser!

    • I hear you Amanda! I have a 5 and a half month old and I still struggle with laundry 🙁 It’s like washing for 5 people rather than 3…
      How good is the baby carrier? I’m so glad others find them helpful too!

  6. Lots of great tips here! You’re right, new moms need as much help as they can get. One tip for kids who like to be crafty: Get an inexpensive table cloth or shower curtain and use it on the table whenever your kids paint, glue or craft. You can usually wash them in the washer, then fold them up for next time!

    • This is a great tip Catherine! I think I’ll have to find a way to add that, or if I get some other great ideas, do an additional post. Those plastic shower curtains/splash mats are ingenious I reckon. Thank you for sharing!

    • I know right, how good is a ‘go bag’? They have such a multitude of purposes, it’s excellent! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. These are such awesome tips! I wish I had some of these! The messy mats are so great for the floor under the high chair. And I agree I have all the kids stuff in a cupboard with their own bowls and plates so there is no arguing! Seriously they will argue about anything! A new mum tip was freeze nappies and then use them on your boobs when the milk is coming in! Really useful and helpful tips here!

    • Thanks Suzy! I’m not at the messy mat under the highchair JUST yet (but very soon!). Glad that the kids things in the cupboard works too!
      Ooo yes the frozen nappies for the boobs is a good one – I did that too, can’t believe I forgot it! I’ll add it to the list for a possible follow up post 😊👍🏻


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