Dear Starfish: 5 months old

dear starfish five months

Dear Starfish,Dear Starfish 5 months 1

Somewhere along the way, I’ve blinked my eyes and you’ve started to grow into a little boy. So many people have said it. Your hair is starting to grow (finally) and you have the cheekiest little boy grin in the world. It would seem my baby boy has well and truly gone.

What he’s been replaced with though is THE happiest, most cheeky, curious little boy. Everyone who meets you comments on two things: your EYES (“oh my goodness, his eyes!”; “his eyes are so big/blue/gorgeous”), and how HAPPY you are. If your daddy and I could have wished for anything, it would have been that you’d be happy and healthy, and it would seem (thank you, God) that you are both. You are a chunky little boofa, weighing a healthy 8.2kg. So much has changed for you, in regards to your routine, in the last few weeks and you are taking it like a champion.

I started to worry a little while ago that I’d miss out on all the midnight cuddles now that you’re sleeping through, but that hasn’t been the case – in fact now we’re having some of the best times, before and after a feed, having some cuddles in the big bed (standing up – you clever boy), and you try to “kiss” (or eat?) mummy’s face by grabbing either side of my face and bringing it into yours with your mouth open wide. These are my favourite times, and I’m almost certain they are yours too.

Here are some things you’ve achieved in the last month:

* You rolled (once!) at Aunty Heather’s birthday, and Daddy, uncle Simon and I all saw it! We’ve been encouraging you ever since, but you have only done a couple since then. You are interested in going forwards though…
* You’ve slept consistently through the night (except for the first night we changed you to a sleeping bag). Mummy and daddy are especially proud of this!
* You started to giggle, and it is legit the best sound in the whole universe. You generally laugh when mummy says “bless you!” after you sneeze. You still do a lot of silent laughing, or squealing when you’re excited!
* You had your first Christmas – it was a long, hectic day (driving back and forth) but you handled it like a pro. You were spoilt by toys and clothes, and you looked gorgeous in your little santa outfit (everyone thought so!)
* Just after you turned 5 months, you started solids. You will eat practically anything, even having some mouthfuls of food you don’t like (broccoli, just like your daddy).
* We changed you to a sleeping bag. After one night of disrupted sleep, you went back to sleeping through the night – you are a little legend!

We have loved you from the very first moment we saw you, but just when I thought I couldn’t love you anymore, my heart stretches just a little bit more (and sometimes it feels like it will explode with love). I seriously sometimes get teary when we cuddle because I am overwhelmed with my love for you. I never knew I could love a tiny human so much, but here we are.

To my active, bubbly, cheeky, crazy, happy little boy, all my love, always and forever,
Mummy xoxox

Photos from our last month together:

Dear Starfish 5 months 2 Dear Starfish 5 months 3 Dear Starfish 5 months 4 Dear Starfish 5 months 5 Dear Starfish 5 months 6 Dear Starfish 5 months 7 Dear Starfish 5 months 8 Dear Starfish 5 months 9 Dear Starfish 5 months 10 Dear Starfish 5 months 11 Dear Starfish 5 months 12 Dear Starfish 5 months 13  Dear Starfish 5 months 14 Dear Starfish 5 months 15 Dear Starfish 5 months 16  Dear Starfish 5 months 17  Dear Starfish 5 months 18 Dear Starfish 5 months 19Dear Starfish 5 months 20

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