Preparing the Baby Nursery for your Little One

   Baby Nursery
 Preparing a nursery is an exciting and special time for parents, especially if it is for their first child. However, it can also be a bit daunting with so many things to consider and decisions to make, such as:

  1. What furniture do I need?
  2. How do I keep my baby safe from injury?
  3. What style should I choose?

So let’s take a few deep breaths and a couple of minutes to break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Firstly, what Furniture Do I need?

There are so many options and opinions on what is needed in a nursery as everyone has their own ideas. So here are mine:

You will need:Baby Nursery 1

  • A cot;
  • Somewhere to change nappies (a soft change mat on top of a low set of drawers is a great option);
  • A comfortable chair for feeding – if it rocks , even better!;
  • A bookcase / storage solution;
  • A soft night light / lamp – for moving around without waking the baby – you know what they say!

That’s IT! Just the basics. Traffic flow is really important in the room as you need to be able to walk through the room without bumping into anything, especially when you only have a low light from the lamp or night light. A basic floor plan showing good traffic flow would look something like this (for either a single room or twin room):

Baby Nursery 2

Is it safe?

When choosing furniture for your nursery, look for pieces that have the Australian/ New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS) label. This label ensures that the product adheres to minimum manufacturing and compulsory safety standards. Product Safety Australia and SIDS and KIDS are two fantastic resources to use if you are unsure.

There are also simple things that can be done in the nursery to ensure the safety of your child now and in the future. For example:

  • Make sure that the cot is away from any windows and secure any blind cords so that they cannot be reached by small hands.
  • Don’t hang anything heavy above the cot (such as a mobile) that could possibly fall on a sleeping child.
  • Secure any furniture like book cases and chests of drawers to the wall so they can’t tip over.
  • Make sure that items can’t be accessed by small hands as they grow – for example, put nappy creams, wipes, etc, away once your baby has learnt to pull themselves up so they can’t be reached and spread about the room.

Children grow so very quickly that we need to think ahead for any potential risks. Make sure you keep these safety tips in mind when you are putting the nursery together NOW so you don’t have any potential issues later down the track once they suddenly grow!

What style do I choose?

Now here comes the fun part (the part all us parents have been waiting for)! There is so much inspiration on the internet (Pinterest, anyone?) and in magazines that it can be hard to know exactly where to start when you begin decorating your baby’s room. These are a few of the trends that we will be seeing in the coming year:

Neutral / ScandiBaby Nursery 3

Grey is the IT colour in nurseries at the moment and for good reason! Cool or warm, light or dark, grey is a truly versatile colour that will work with just about any other colour on the colour spectrum. Grey is a peaceful colour that can be used with soft pastels (another trend!) or your favourite brights to change the feel of the room as your baby grows. 


Pastels are always a favourite in a nursery, as they are soothing colours that last the distance. Colours such as mint, coral and lilac are all soft colours that are a great option if you don’t know the sex of your baby but don’t want to go down the Scandi route.


Metallics have been popular for awhile now in homes, so it won’t be long before we see them moved into the nursery as well. Silver, Rose gold, and copper are popular this year – perhaps the hero piece in the room could be a metallic cot that will grow into a single bed as your baby grows?


Everybody loves animals! Whether it be giraffes, tigers, pandas Baby Nursery 4or leopards, there is something out there to suit all animal lovers. It could be a subtle spotted wallpaper or a mobile to hang above the cot (as long as it isn’t too heavy that it might fall). There are some beautiful and affordable prints that can be hung on the wall, and there is also the all important stuffed toy, lovingly chosen by an older sibling or the new grand parents that takes pride of place in the nursery.

Making it personal

Now that you have the basics of the room sorted, you can make it personal to you and your family. It’s time to add the finishing touches to make the room special, such as:

  • A soft and bright colourful rug;Baby Nursery 5
  • Wall decals or Wall paper that might suit your chosen style;
  • Family photos;
  • A bookcase with family favourites ready for bedtime reading;
  • A cute mobile to hang above the cot;
  • Hand made quilts / rugs thrown over the chair; and
  • Cuddly toys bought especially for the new arrival.

Above all, remember: this is your nursery! Mix and match styles, don’t follow any rules or follow all of them, stay true to your family and your style, and you will create the perfect space for your new family.


Claire is the principle stylist and CEO at Calmnest. You can view their website and services HERE, their Instagram HERE, and their Facebook HERE

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  1. This is fantastic tips! I love the way how you organize the setting of the nursery room. I could try to set something like this with my kids.

    • They are great, aren’t they Maria? It’s nice to have some amazing tips from a professional! I hope it helps 😊

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