Review: Heart in Box

Well Christmas is upon us (yes, I know I haven’t done any Christmas-themed posts yet, but I’m getting there!) and the season of gift-giving has arrived. To be honest, I’m a bit of a lousy gift-giver. I try hard for hubby each year, but when it comes to friends and family, I’m pretty awful (not intentionally, I just don’t have that gift-giving kind of mindset.. not my love language!). My sister and mum, however, ARE gift-givers, which I guess could make it super awkward if we didn’t share the love back… 
So this year is a biggie for my sis – it’s her 30th, she graduated from uni, she got a full-time job for next year (hope that’s okay to announce on the big wide web!) and Christmas is also coming – PHEW! I got tired just from writing that all down – and I thought I should probably make an effort to do something nice for her (what a lady I am huh?). 
Anyway, I came across this biz on Instagram and absolutely *LOVED* it! Such gorgeous, thoughtful gifts for anybody which, as the title suggests, shows your heart and love in the box. I thought what better way to spoil my sis than with a Heart in Box pressie. So I built my own box (cause yes, YOU CAN DO THAT!!) full of heart and love and rainbows and unicorns (not literally) and got her ready for the big unveiling.
The box is simple and straight to the point. It doesn’t give any hints to the amazing surprise inside that awaits the spectator/s. It is neatly packaged with a black bow (we had already had a sneaky unwrap before taking this photo – oops!) and a gift tag so no one tries to steal it from the intended recipient. While modest, it is still professional and presentable, merely waiting to be opened to reveal its awesomeness.


The contents are neatly packed inside the box for the gift-receiver to explore and squeal over (yes there was a bit of this happening!). I chose the “You got this!” card for my sis as a way of encouraging her with finishing uni and pursuing her teaching career (there are plenty of options you can choose from in your ‘Build your own’ boxes, as well as the pre-selected packages). The card was gorgeous and my sis loved it, although my only concern was that I asked for a hand written message which I unfortunately didn’t receive – which wouldn’t have been an issue except I could not write on the card as it was inside the box (without opening the present myself beforehand). Nevertheless, my sister didn’t even notice as she was too busy getting excited about the contents of the box.


The great thing about the ‘Build your own’ boxes is that you (obviously!) choose your own gifts to go in the box and can be dependent on your budget. Our fam have decided to keep it a bit low key for birthdays and Christmas this year (instead focusing on our kids rather than ourselves), so I tried to opt for a smaller box of goodies. However there are different size options and multiple products for you to include in your boxes, so that’s super exciting too.
Going into teaching, I decided to get my sis a travel mug (because I literally COULD NOT LIVE without mine), and some tea (which she commented even her husband would love – who doesn’t love chai?). I was also kindly gifted the “Celebrate” party popper so we could have a real party for my sis – And party we did! (WOOOO!) As you’ll see in the video, we had a bit of fun and a laugh popping the party popper. 

My favourite part of the whole unwrap was my sister’s expression when she looked at the travel mug and realised that “OH MY GOSH IT’S KATE SPADE!” (Watch the video again – you’ll see it!). She even loved how it matched her Kate Spade sunglasses (life is all about coordination people!). Let’s be honest – I was a little jealous I couldn’t keep the mug for myself! But anyway, she was massively chuffed at the whole thing.


What an experience!!! Not only were the contents of the box AMAZEBALLS, but as the gift giver and ‘creator’ of the box (in the sense of selecting the items, not the official creator!), it was so nice to watch my sis open the present and be genuinely happy with what she received *enter warm and fuzzies here*. It really is a HEART IN BOX.
The reason I wanted to share this experience is not only to promote an amazing biz, but as new and prospective mums, we can get so bogged down in this new life of being a mumma (especially those first couple of months – boob-feeding, poop-changing, baby-rocking machine!) that we hardly have time for ourselves. We need to show love and support to mums and the amazing job they do! I think ‘Heart in Box’ is the perfect way to give a little pick-me-up gift to the mummas in our lives and show we value and appreciate everything they do for their bubs.
So head on over to the Heart in Box site HERE (and the link is in my sidebar on the right) – what a perfect way to shower love on a mumma this Christmas!

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