Dear Starfish: Four Months Old


Dear Starfish,

OKAY TIME CAN STOP NOW!! You are 1/3 of a year old. We’re in December, and Christmas is less than 3 weeks away. You have grown into such a happy, healthy (albeit chubby!!!) little boy, and we are more and more proud of you each day!

I know I promised this blog to you as a way of preserving our memories of you growing up – and I hope that I can keep doing that – but I also want to help other new mummas with their babies too. So if I write about other things Starfish, just know that I am trying to help mums in their journeys so they can have as much fun, as much joy and as much laughter as we do.

We are eagerly preparing for our first Christmas with you. You have no idea how excited mummy and daddy are for this – daddy even has some time off around Christmas which will make it extra special. Soon I will be posting about the top 5 things we are going to do with you for Christmas, so make sure you read that soon too. 

I can’t believe my baby boy is growing up so quickly I remember thinking in those early few weeks that I couldn’t wait to get to the 6 week mark for some smiles and (hopefully) extra sleep (sorry bud, nothing against you!). But now as time goes quicker and quicker, I’m finding that I am missing those times where we had extra cuddles, even if they were in the middle of the night. You are so eager to explore, you curious little thing, and you are always wriggling and squirming to see what’s happening around you – not much time for extra cuddles! I have to make the most of the midnight sleep cuddles (when they happen, you had a sleep through the night 2 nights ago!) so that I can lap up as much of you as I can.

On the bright side, we love seeing your little personality grow – that curious nature, the little cheeky monkey you are, the greedy guts who eats anything. We love you so much little man!

Here’s what you have done in the past month:
* No more rolling yet, but we sure do practice every day! You can hold yourself up well on your tummy, and you are even trying to launch yourself forwards instead of sideways (we roll before we crawl, bud!)
* You moved into your bedroom/cot at night time. It broke mummy’s (and daddy’s) heart but you were fine – of course!
* You had your 4 month vaccinations, and you were AMAZING! You only cried a little despite the needles being done one. at. a. time. You were such a brave boy, I couldn’t have been more proud of you!
* You started swimming lessons on your 4 monthversary! You absolutely loved it, of course – we knew you were a little water baby! At your second lesson, the instructor couldn’t stop saying how great you were (of course we already knew that!)

* You also had your first beach visit on mummy’s birthday – you really enjoyed that too (well, you didn’t hate it) despite the water being cold. Daddy likes to make fun of mummy getting wet in the water because mummy isn’t the biggest fan of wet sand – but it was fun because we got to be there with you!
* You are sitting a lot better in the bumbo (despite your chubby knees!) and can hold yourself up for a longer period of time.
* You tried solids for the first time! Even though the doctor said you were coming along swimmingly (i.e. you chubby!) and didn’t need to start until 6 months, we couldn’t help but give you your first taste of rice cereal. Yes it had booby milk in it so it probably didn’t aste much different, but I seriously think you would eat anything – and you did! You only got frustrated that it wasn’t coming quick enough!

* You slept through the night for the first time!! We couldn’t believe it – of course mummy kept waking up every couple of hours in anticipation (daddy slept like usual), but you did almost 11 hours. Good on you bud! * We heard your first little giggle too! Sure it sounds a bit like a creepy, old-man laugh, and you’ve only done it a couple of times, but it is a step up from the soundless, mime laugh we’ve come to know and love over the previous months.
* You’ve started teething – mummy knew it early on but everyone else was unsure. But then we saw the 2 little bumps appear in your bottom gums
and we knew it was starting. Now for them to actual pop out of the gums!

All my love, always and forever,
Mummy xoxox

Mummy, Daddy and Starfish at the beach
Your new best friend Steg
More swimming with daddy
With mummy at the beach
We love going for walks – usually to the post office so mummy can post some parcels!
You like to do some turns while you’re sleeping!
We started using teether toys because you were getting sore – we even got sponsored by ‘Jack & Izz’ to do some promos for their products!
You now get distracted when eating, especially by the TV!
You’ve been able to grab things with ease now, and you like to bring things up to your face too (including mummy and daddy’s fingers and hands)
You even Starfish when there’s no swaddle bag – you live up to your name!
Special times with Aunty Heather and your cousin L
Having some fun times with Grandad Thor!
Just chillin with daddy
Daddy likes to practise music with you – we love this photo of you with the headphones on!
You’re sitting better in the Bumbo too, despite the chubby knees!
I was trying to get a close up of your teeth-bumps, but you just looked so cute instead..
Laughs and happy selfies with mummy
Look at how clever you were with the Hungry Caterpillar (that’s my boy!)

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