Baby Shoes, Happy Feet: Attipas Review

(This post is sponsored by Attipas Happy Feet.)
Oh the joys of a growing baby! I think us new mums underestimate the ‘easiness’ of the early weeks and months with a newborn. Now, before you come at me with your pitchforks and sleep-deprived-crazy-eyes (yes, I’ve been there!!), that’s not to say those first few weeks and months are easy. Heck, they are far from! I honestly did not think I’d survive those early times. It gets a lot easier to manage, and a whole lot more enjoyable, from when they can smile from you onwards.
What I’m referring to when I say ‘easiness’, is that newborn babies don’t need much in order to look after them. You either have boob or bottle (yes, expensive I know!), lots of onesies on hand, and your method of getting them to sleep (sleep swaddles, rocking to sleep, lying on the couch watching Netflix with a newborn sprawled across you, or all of the above!). However, as we are quickly learning, as they grow up they need more STUFF. We are preparing to start solids – eeek! – and even that is strewn with numerous things to get – bowls, spoons, the vast array of veggies and fruits that your blend into some sort of concoction (as well as the appliance to make said concoction), a quadrillion bibs, a bumbo and soon a high chair, storage containers and ice-cube trays – the list is endless! Add to that increasing amounts of clothes, toys, educational resources (books, musical instruments – use your imagination), and motherhood seems to just get more and more complex!
To be honest, we weren’t considering anything like baby walking SHOES for our Starfish until later down the track. Why would he need baby shoes if he’s not walking yet? However I was fortunate enough to be approached by the lovely Attipas Happy Feet to try their Attipas ‘Marine’ baby shoes for boys (and girls too!). And can I just say, they’re flipping amazing!
Okay, let’s be honest (all about the honesty right here!), your first thought may be ‘clown shoes’ (I know that was my husband’s first thought!). Why would we want baby boy shoes that look funny? BUT – don’t stop reading, because there is a REASON for this design, and once they’re on bub they are freakin’ adorbs!
The Attipas brand prides itself on several features that I’d be remiss to ignore. Further down you’ll read the top 3 reasons I PERSONALLY love these kids shoes, but for now these are the important bits to know:
* They are super duper easy to clean and maintain – they are machine washable (which, when you’re a mum, is awesome cause you basically chuck EVERYTHING in the wash!).
* They fit on like a sock, making them lightweight for bub – they have a plastic, non-slip grip on the bottom but the majority of the design is sock-like. Awesome right?!
* They are breathable – which for me was kind of a big deal especially during those crazy hot Sydney days we just had! They have little breathing air-holes in the bottom to release foot-heat and stop them from getting hot, stinky and sweaty! Basically, the perfect feature for infant shoes!
* As a mum, safety is key for my baby (you should see me when I’m near crazy drivers on the road – I lose my MIND!), so the fact that they are non-slip and have been made from non-hazardous materials (no formaldehyde, in case you were curious!) that have passed safety standards is an additional bonus for me!
* THE CLOWN SHOE TOES – yes, everyone is drawn to them, but there is a point (haha). Apparently it helps with Cognitive development? To be honest, I’m not quite sure how, but it stops the toes from cramping up.
The main Attipas website has an official Podiatrist recommendation HERE, if you’re interested!
Happy Feet indeed! Starfish loved his little Attipas Marines!
Sure, its great to read the official blurb of why Attipas is special, but you have to admit it is a bit biased (although it’s all true too!). But if you want my HONEST feedback, I think the shoes are AMAZEBALLS (even for a young 4.5 month old bub), and here’s why:
1. They’re great, lightweight ‘practise shoes’. Although my boy isn’t walking yet, he is well and truly using those crazy feet of his! He holds himself up on his feet with support, he kicks like a madman, and he is trying to push with his feet when on his tummy. The non-slip surface of the shoes has helped him with his tummy time already (he is still practicing rolling – but the non-stick helps!), and because they are like socks, they’re easy to put on and take off without worrying about socks AND shoes. Brilliant!
2. The designs are just gorgeous – I was so excited when we were sent the Attipas Marine designs because I had my eye on them for a while (even before I was approached by Attipas Happy Feet actually). But there are so many adorbs designs for both girls and boys, no matter what their interest is (or yours), so they make great baby boy shoes and baby girl shoes!
3.They’re perfect for any weather too – as a new mum, one of the things that we’re finding difficult is working out what to dress our little man in for the changing seasons seriously Aussie weather – WTH?!). It was literally 30-something degree weather a couple of days ago, which would make it IMPOSSIBLE to wear shoes. However, in those high 20’s temperatures, when you’re wanting to go out but don’t want bubs dressed in shoes and socks, these are a perfect alternative, especially since they have the awesome breathable holes in the soles. And of course, they keep them warm on the cooler days too.
So – you should seriously get on the Attipas shoes train, they are amazing! In fact, Attipas Happy Feet and I were so super excited, we have decided to run an awesome New Years Giveaway until Friday, 30th December! You can choose any style/size that is currently available in the Attipas Happy Feet store HERE. All you need to do is visit my Facebook Page and follow the instructions (‘LIKE’ both our Facebook Pages, ‘LIKE’ the post and ‘COMMENT’). SIMPLE!!!
If you just cannot WAIT for the Giveaway results and MUST simply own a pair of Attipas shoes, the Attipas Happy Feet store is HERE, on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE.
And if you still aren’t convinced, here is my son being GORGEOUS (as always) in them.

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