6 ways I’m going to celebrate my son’s first Christmas

Well it seems I’m a little behind the 8 ball in getting my ‘Christmas blogging’ underway. Who knew that seasonal blog posts started on December 1st? (I guess to be fair, shops have been celebrating Christmas since October so it probably isn’t that farfetched).
I’ve always loved Christmas. It was fun as a kid growing up doing caroling, waiting for Santa, opening presents, listening to carols, seeing my family, caroling (did I mention the carols?). Then as I grew up, I enjoyed Christmas even more because I came to a true understanding of what it was all about (the birth of Jesus!), and I could celebrate with my church family.
So as new mum, you can imagine just how EXCITED I am to celebrate my little Starfish’s first Christmas! Here is a list of the 5 TOP things we’re going to do with Starfish for his first ever Christmas.

 1.   Put up the Christmas tree

Yesterday we put up our fibre-optic Christmas tree (at the START of December! We usually wait a week out before Christmas!) because we couldn’t wait for our little man to see the colourful lights on the tree. Of course by the time we got home afterwards for him to see it at night time it was too late – but tonight it will be MAGIC! Not only that, but of course we started putting some baubles up on the tree, and I got to make some personalised baubles at our Messy Christmas church service (I was pretty chuffed with my efforts, if I do say so myself!). One day Starfish will appreciate the effort, I’m sure… 

2.   Get a gorgeous little Christmas outfit (or 3)

We all know the one of the best things about having babies is you get to dress them up in fun things (am I right?!). So hubby and I couldn’t RESIST dressing up the little man in different Christmas outfits for different occasions. Obviously you can’t just have ONE Christmas outfit, as there are multiple Christmas functions to attend (and if there are explosions of the poo variety, you want another festive outfit to change him into). Nailed it.

3.   Open presents together

My sister-in-law travelled overseas this week, and so we did a mini Christmas before she left (not replacing, of course, the main Christmas). She bought a present for our little Starfish, and I cannot tell you how EXCITING it is to open a present for the little man. The presents are like, a billion times more exciting and fun when they’re for him (I get more excited about them than my own).
I wasn’t sure how we’d do presents for Starfish (and possible future children), because I can easily get carried away at the best of times, let alone CUTE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS and all the things. But I read another blog post recently that shared the formula ‘Want, Need, Wear, Read’. Head over to the article for a full rundown of the concept, but basically, it’s awesome. I already bought Starfish a personalised book from ‘Lost my Name’ (brilliant), so we just need to work on something he wants (??? Don’t babies just want wrapping paper and cardboard boxes?), something he needs and something to wear.

4.   Get a Christmas family photo (not santa photo)

Lots of families have a tradition of getting a family photo at Christmas, usually of the big-jolly-man persuasion. However Hubby and I decided we wouldn’t be following that tradition. Instead, we tried getting a gazillion photos of us and the little man with our fancy-schmancy Christmas tree – and we got there in the end.
Of course, this doesn’t also include the billions of individual Starfish photos I’ll be taking soon… 

5.   Sing Christmas Carols

One of my fav things about Christmas is the Christmas carols. It may have something to do with how I grew up – my parents were part of a musical society, and on Christmas Eve each year we would go caroling at a couple of local nursing homes. I LOVED it – not only did it bring so much joy to the residents, but it was a heck of a lot of fun! I would look forward to caroling moreso than Christmas day (except when Santa would visit!). I want to share my love and joy of carols with my son – Hubby and I like to blast ‘Oh Holy Night’ through the car when we are driving around, so I can’t wait to do this with our boy. Maybe he’ll grow to love carols as much as his mumma!

6.   Going to church as a family

     As a Christian, we are firm believers in celebrating the true meaning of Christmas – The birth of Jesus. I have attended Church on Christmas morning every year since I’ve become a Christian, and I know we’ll continue to do it every year until we are no longer able. We also attend a fun, family Christmas Eve service – which I can’t WAIT to go to with Starfish this year. We previously had a jumping castle, carols (did I mention how much I love them?!) and puppets, and I really hope that as we keep going to church, and as our little man grows up, he’ll come to understand (and love) the true meaning of Christmas too.


So that is my list for this Christmas! What traditions do you share with your family?


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