Review: Jack & Izz Teethers

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recently stumbled upon a gem of a small business called “Jack & Izz”. I’ve admired their products from afar, loving the gorgeous designs and colours they have to offer in their range. So I was very excited to be approached by them to write a product review for their teether products. As our little Starfish has already begun teething (yes, early – of course he has!), I jumped at the opportunity to try out some teether toys for the little man to get his little gummy chompers on.

My first impression of “Jack & Izz” came from meeting the beautiful mind behind the business, Kirstie. An enthusiastic and energetic mum, we obviously hit it off right away! We were both excited about the opportunity to collaborate – and I was ecstatic about new toys for our little man to try!


The first thing that struck me was the packing of the product. It was nice and simple, but made it easy for me to see the gorgeous toys I was about to try. It made me very excited to open it and get those teethers working!
Once open, I was able to feel the products and see what my son would be chomping on. The Elephant teether and the boat teether are both made up of silicone materials, which are nice for the gums and super safe (free of Lead, BPA and Phthalate) – both winners for me! The wood of the boat teether is organic, and while my initial impression was a bit unsure – as the wood seems a bit rough – it didn’t phase my little man in the slightest. He enjoyed chewing on all parts of the teether, and the wood remained in tack while he slobbered and sucked on it – again another win for the teether!


Once Starfish got his hands on the Elephant teether, I was able to see how easy it was for him to hold it and manipulate it. Although he’s still learning to hold and grasp things, he was able to find an easy way to hold the elephant teether around the legs and the heart-shaped ear hole. This allowed him to bring it to his mouth for easy sucking and chewing, making it useable for even the youngest of teethers (like my little boy)!
The new boat teether has two inter-joining parts that allows bub to grip with both hands – especially around the silicone beads (it creates a nice little hand hold). The wooden boat is also perfectly designed for little hands – the contours of the wood match the grip of little bubba’s hands, so they can grab and hold while they chew! The only thing with the boat teether for my little boy is the silicone beads are slightly too big for his mouth (since he’s still only a small bubba) – but lucky that doesn’t stop him from munching anyway, as you can see in the pictures!


One of my favourite things about these teethers is their gorgeous design. The elephant teether has a textured side – bumpy! – to soothe bubba’s gums and give them something to really gnawe on! I love the soft mint colour – and Jack & Izz offer other beautiful colours to match your baby’s preferences (as well as yours!). The same goes for the boat teethers – stunning colours to match any theme (hubby and I chose the pale blue to match Starfish’s room).
The boat teether also offers some excellent textures for baby to explore – our Starfish enjoyed gumming the silicone beads for a while, before turning it around to also chew on the wood. It seemed to offer him some relief from the teething pains as he was soothed and enjoyed lying around and chewing on the product.


Hubby, Starfish and I LOVE Jack & Izz’s teethers! They have been the perfect solution for our young teether – as a first time mum (and a first time teether), we didn’t really know what to expect or look for in a teether toy. However, the textures, design and practicality of these teethers have made it easier for us to navigate this difficult time. Starfish has seemed a lot less irritable when chewing on these toys, and they’ve been easily portable for me to chuck in the nappy bag or stroller to take with us when he’s feeling extra chewy. 
I would highly recommend these for any bub, so visit the Jack & Izz store HERE to get your teether today!

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