Our Triple Real Mum: Renee!

When I was looking at mums to interview for my #RealMums series, I couldn’t go past the beautiful Renee. She is an energetic, bubbly colleague of mine, who was pregnant with her THIRD baby while I was pregnant with my first. I remember sharing conversations in the staff room about all things pregnancy related – as well as baby related – and I always felt better after chatting with her. Her vibrant personality is infectious and you can’t help feeling happy after meeting her.

In the early, newborn days after baby number one, I couldn’t possibly fathom having THREE kidlets, but this amazing mumma does it within flinching an eye. I had to ask her how she does it! Find her encouraging and energetic interview below!

I’ve been asking all the mums to start with an introduction. As teachers, we can be a little crazy sometimes! So for your introduction, can you describe yourself and your family using the names of some children’s picture books?    

Hellloooooo!!! My name is Renee and I am a mumma to three divine little kidlets.
I have been married to my amazing husband Phil for almost ten years. I am a primary school teacher and am currently on maternity leave until the start of next year. I thoroughly enjoy laughing and a good dance. To describe my life, my family and my household on a daily basis. Where does one begin….?!?!? The titles of these books say it all (Haha!)
One may describe me as the main character in the children’s book “Room on the Broom” (WITCH) back in the newborn stages. Dark circles under my eyes, wishing I could jump on a broomstick and head up into the night sky. Or possibly ” Feeding Time At The Zoo” when I look at my kitchen floor after dinner and find rice covered from one part of the kitchen floor to the next. My husband and I often laugh all the time and describe some days as “welcome to the zoo”. Its our zoo and we wouldn’t change it for the world.
Can you tell us a bit about your children? What were they like as babies – did you have a similar experience with them as newborns or were they all a bit different?    
My children: Lara, Lewis and Liam. AKA L1, L2 and L3.
Lara is 6 years old. She is a bright and bubbly little princess.  Full of questions and loves wearing tutus. As a baby Lara was 10 days overdue and was born via emergency caesarean. She had feeding issues when she was born and was put into the NIC unit. We battled with her weight. She was breastfeed, then I expressed to top her up. 8 times a day. This went on for 10 months. I was permanently positioned on the lounge. I honestly felt like I was going crazy!!! Part of a dairy farm really. 
Lewis is my 3 year old gentle soul. He loves his mummy cuddles and kisses and enjoys big bowls of pasta. As a baby Lewis would feed and sleep. No feeding issues and slept brilliantly. Gorgeous boy!
Liam is my 8 month old bundle of love. This baby boy is the sweetest thing put on this earth. He just goes with the flow. He is a fantastic sleeper, loves his mummy milk and is constantly nudging me for affection.
I have three kids and each time life has gotten easier.
I’ve spoken to some mothers who have been unsure about making the leap from 2 children to 3 children. How did you find this change? What advice or tips would you give to mums who are considering making this ‘commitment’?
To be quite honest with you I found it very difficult going from one to two. Trying to entertain an energetic toddler while breastfeeding a newborn is not an easy task. It’s exhausting and you feel guilty for not doing the same amount of activities you did with your first. At one point Lara was involved in: Playgroup, Swimming and Gymbaroo. What was I thinking?!?!?
Going from two to three children we found easy but very BUSY!!!
Lara and Lewis play really well together. So when it is feeding time with Liam they are occupied playing together.
My tips:
*Keep the communication open with your partner. Life is super busy. Try and touch base at the end of a hard day. (As soon as I get on the lounge I’m out ) before you fall asleep.
*Keep your routines going with the other child or children.
*Divide and conquer with your partner with what needs to be done.
*Support each other and tell each other that your doing a great job and that you love each other.
* spend time with each individual child one on one when possible. Lara and I like to go out just the two of us. She calls it “Ladies Lunching”.
* Try to have some mummy time out.
* Eat lots of chocolate!!!!
As a teacher, how did you find going from working with other people’s children to your own?
Great question!! I always make sure that I am teaching the upper grades in the school. Teaching older children is brilliant. It demands a different type of energy, compared to my little ones. When I return home from work I am able to spend quality time with my babies. It’s a win, win really. The best of both worlds!!
Lastly, as a teacher and a mum, what is one thing you would recommend all mums should be doing with their babies?
Communicate! You can do this through talking, reading, singing and touch. My neighbours must honestly think I’m crazy. Especially when Liam and I are home alone.
I am always talking to him, explaining things, asking him questions and complementing him on how cute he is. I’m also always singing songs. His favourite is Five Little Ducks at the moment. Sometimes he’s lucky enough to get a dance move thrown in with a smile 😁.
Reading to the kidlets is also important. My kids have always been surrounded by books. Before they were even born stories were read to them. We read bedtime books each night. The bookshelves are full of books. Lara reads to Liam every morning while I’m getting things organised for her day at kindy. I think touch is also vital – kisses, cuddles, baby massage and tickles. And butterfly kisses are the best!

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