Our Single Real Mum: Laura!

I hope you are all enjoying this #RealMums blog series as much as I am enjoying collecting the stories of such beautiful mums! I’ve been so inspired by the journeys of these women, and it has encouraged me to keep persevering on my own path with our little Starfish. I can’t wait to continue reading inspiring stories, such as Laura’s that I get to share with you today!
Laura is another woman who I’ve known for a long time, as friends of friends. We’ve been “Facebook friends”, liking posts and photos of each others’ lives (maybe not quite Facebook “stalking”, but you get the picture!). It wasn’t until Laura became a mum 3 months before our little Starfish was born that we really clicked. I did a blog post the other day about motherhood really joining women together, and for Laura and I, that has been the case.
Her gorgeous son Arlo is just the most cheerful and beautiful boy I’ve seen (maybe a close second to our Starfish – I’m allowed to be biased!), and she has been one of the biggest encouragers and supporters for me on my motherhood journey, despite us only having stilted conversations over the years. She gave me solid advice on sleeping, has offered to go for walks and coffee dates with our little men in tow, and has passed on many a needed baby supply! Laura’s done all this while adjusting to life as a newly single mumma. I seriously am so inspire by this woman, and I just HAD to share her story with you all. I hope you find it as encouraging and motivating as I have.
Tell us about yourself Laura. How do you describe yourself to others and what do you like to do with your time?
I am Mum to a beautiful almost 6 months old Arlington Viritua (Arlo). I am currently a stay at home mum until the end of the year and then I will become a working, single mum! I am a teacher and assistant principal and am very driven and motivated. Everything I do I try to give my best and do things well. I love to smile, encourage others and be a role model to others. I love spending time with my family and friends and being outside going for walks, going to the beach and taking my son on adventures.
What was your pregnancy like?
Ahhh I can’t believe at times I miss being pregnant! It was tough particularly at the start. I had very bad all day sickness for weeks and weeks and it wasn’t until about 25 weeks that it settled. Arlo was always measuring big so I just felt huge and he just constantly kicked the crap out of me! He was a cheeky monkey even inside me. I got very frustrated towards the end as I just wanted to meet him. I went 11 days overdue with a bigger than average baby and it was hard! But all the positives far out weighed the negatives and it could have been a much worse pregnancy. Some people love being pregnant and some people can’t stand it. I fit into the latter!
What have been some highlights of motherhood? What have been some of the challenges?
Seeing Arlo develop his own personality and being so happy and just loving life. I love the quiet moments when it is just us two enjoying some kisses, cuddles and books together and I love the moments when I get to take him on adventures and try things for the first time. I have loved seeing him bring my family even closer together and bless so many people’s lives. Some of the challenges for me have been recently becoming a single Mum and adjusting my world and Arlo’s. I feel like I just started to get my head around my new identity as a Mum and that was thrown up in the air. Despite the challenge of being on my own I feel strong and that I can do anything! The next challenge will be returning to work and juggling a very demanding career and having a young baby. Being a Mum is the hardest but the most amazing thing and despite knowing that there are still so many challenges ahead on this crazy ride I am excited for what is coming. Arlo and I have got this!
What was/is the best baby product you have purchased (or received) and why?
There are so many amazing products I love but I have one that is easily my favourite.  I have used the Nuna Leaf seat since Arlo was born and it has been the best. It can swing side to side gently after a little push or it can be locked stationary when needed. Arlo used to have little naps in it, he still enjoys playing and kicking while in his seat and it is also good for feeding him his bottles when I need a break from his weight! It can be easily moved around the home, taken outside and packed in the car for a day trip to someone’s house. It can take up to 60kg in weight so he can continue to use this seat way into the future.
What advice or encouragement would you give to new mums?
Seek support where you can and ask advice but go with your gut. Despite always questioning myself especially early on as a Mum we know our baby so well and we need to trust those instincts! Take time amongst the craziness to stop, appreciate and enjoy what you have because it is forever changing. Enjoy it!



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