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Our #RealMums series kicked off with a BANG last Sunday, with lots of people reading Heather’s story. I hope you were inspired and encouraged by what she had to share about her journey. Now it is time for our next mumma, one who has become a boss/queen by starting her own business called ‘Pepe Corner’. Those who have been following my blog will know that I’ve been collaborating with Bethany and her business, with little Starfish modelling some outrageously gorgeous outfits! It has been such an exciting opportunity not only to support an amazing small business, but to reconnect with an old friend.

I’ve actually known Bethany for a really long time – we were close friends in Primary school before we went to separate high schools. We then attended the same senior high school in years 11-12, where we occasionally chatted while hanging out with separate groups of friends. We finished school 10 years ago (WHAT!?!), and have now reconnected once again over our passion for our boys and small business ownership. We have supported each other in our lives and our work, and I have been so encouraged by her story. Bethany’s journey particularly struck a cord with me as I am now walking down the path of small business ownership – so any other mums who are considering this road (or may not have even considered it!), this story is for you!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your family? What do you like to do with your time and what do you do for a living?
My name is Bethany, and I am a SAHM/Queen (stay at home mum). I am blessed with my gorgeous 20 month year old son, and a wonderful man. I also run a small business at home specialising in handmade children’s clothing.
What made you decide to start your own business? A lot of people ask – how did you find the time?!
Great question!  It was a combination of reasons as to why I started my business.
It has always been a dream for me to be able to stay home as long as I can once I started having children. While it isn’t possible for everyone, I was fortunate enough to have my partner be on the same page with me in regards to being a SAHM, and I am truly blessed to have him.
As I ventured into the crazy journey that is motherhood, I started getting bored. Shopping trips and coffee dates weren’t satisfying my boredom anymore. I also was growing increasingly frustrated in said shopping trips when I would go to buy my son an item of clothing, and there was a lack of variety for boys. I figured, why couldn’t I make my own clothing? The only problem was, I couldn’t sew to save my life!
So, while I was slowly teaching myself how to sew using basic patterns, I started small with printed shirts, onesies and bibs. Gradually, as I have become more experienced and confident in my sewing ability, I have begun to focus more on handmade items.
I found that by using my bub’s earlier months of infancy to research and prep myself business wise, it worked to my benefit.
How do you manage your time between being a mum to Elliott and maintaining your business?
As he has gotten older, more independent and less interested in naptime, I have found it more difficult to find large blocks of time to work. I tend to feel a lot of mothers guilt, so I try to ensure that any work I do, is when he is either asleep during the day, engrossed in one of his favourite shows, or at night when him and his father have settled in for the night.
There’s been a question I’ve wanted to ask another mum, and as you’ve survived this newborn phase, I have to ask – How did you face the initial challenge of sleep deprivation?
Oh man! I am not sure if I was running on adrenaline or was too stressed about the thousands of things that “have to be done” around the house, but I feel like I handled it better than I would have before kids. I loved my naps! I think while you do feel tired, it’s just the motherly instinct that kicks in that keeps you pushing along. I was a zombie rocking a mum bun!
What advice or encouragement would you give to other new mums who are wanting to juggle work and motherhood?
I am always telling people that Motherhood is the best job in the world. The hardest, but definitely the best! I was once told by a friend that no matter what I do, I will ALWAYS feel guilty, like I could be doing more for my son, but in the end, if Mummy isn’t happy with herself or what she is doing in her life, then the rest of the family feel it too. You have to look after yourself and your happiness just as much as your little one! If that means getting yourself back into the workforce one or two days a week for sanity or financial reasons, you go right ahead Mumma.
Bethany is the Boss/Queen over at Pepe Corner. There are some GORGEOUS boys’ and girls’ clothes for you to purchase, and we couldn’t speak more highly of these collections! Stay tuned for more modelling sessions from Starfish – and head over to the website to get your outfits now!

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