Our Twin Real Mum: Ruth!

Today we are continuing on our #RealMums series with our third mumma. We’ve had a great response from those reading the blog so far – I hope you’ve been enjoying the interviews and that you have been as encouraged as I have been!
Our next mumma is a Twin mumma – the lovely Ruth! I met Ruth at our local mother’s group about 2 months ago, along with her hubby and beautiful twin girls Hazel and Bridget. I have been inspired by Ruth’s determination to be the best mum she can be, and her love for her gorgeous family. I know I’ve struggled with ONE baby so many times, I can’t believe Ruth does such an amazing job with TWO! If you’re also a twin mum, or ever wondered what it would be like, check out Ruth’s interview below!
Firstly, can you introduce yourself to us? Tell us about your family and how you like to spend your time. 

My name is Ruth. I am 31 years old and have recently become a first time mum to two beautiful twin girls. I have been married for 7 years now and my husband and I have been together for 15 years. Before getting pregnant/having the twins, we spent a lot of time together playing sport, catching up with friends, seeing family.. Now we still do two of those things together 🙂 I have given up high impact sport for the time being while I focus on strengthening my body.

Little gorgeous Starfish – just like mine!
When did you first find out you were having twins? How did you react to this news? 

We had been trying to get pregnant for almost a year and were ready to look into fertility programs. However, as soon as we thought our time was up, we fell pregnant!
We found out the week of Christmas 2015, and then at our first appointment at 9 weeks, we discovered we were expecting twins! I, strange enough was not that shocked. I have a funny way of predicting things and turns out this was one that was true! I had been telling my family for years I would have twins. So, I went into organization mode, and asked questions like ‘so what do I need to know’ ‘what’s next’ etc etc. My husband on the other hand, alternated between crying and hysterically laughing for about an hour after. 😂  

“Twice the love”
Can you tell us a bit about what it is like having multiples?    
As I am a first time mum, I have not known any other way to be a parent. So in terms of having multiples – in comparison to having 1 – I have nothing to compare.
However, there are the obvious logistic issues. For example – ‘both are wanting my attention – who do I pick up first’ ‘how to keep them on the same feed/play/sleep schedule’ ‘how do I grow extra arms’ 😒 It has been a tough road to get to where I am now. The first 5 weeks in special care were a whirlwind, the next few even more so. But we are approaching 4 months in and I am gaining more confidence every day.
I look at it now as not just twice the work – but twice the love and it makes it a lot easier. 🙂

What has been the most enjoyable thing about being a mum? What has been the most challenging thing? 

The most enjoyable thing has been seeing them smile/respond and develop as individuals. They are twins, but they are their own little person, with their own personality. The first time they saw each other was a very precious moment 🙂
The most challenging part of this journey so far – well, there are many, but here are a few.
– Leaving them in hospital when I got to go home, was heartbreaking, and one of the hardest things I have had to do. Despite the knowledge that they were in the best hands, I still felt like I was missing a part of me every time I left them. 
– Being dependent on others. I have yet to do a complete day on my own – and I have always been one to not ask for help. This has been one of the biggest challenges for me. Admitting that I need it.



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