Hang on… I just need to finish this brext.

While I was pregnant, I was one of those fiends who read absolutely EVERYTHING to do with pregnancy and babies. I thought I would know everything, be up to date with the latest research and news, and seriously just rock the socks off this mum-gig thing. In this frenetic state, I found an article about “brexting” – you know, using your mobile phone while breastfeeding. The article went on to describe everything that was wrong with using a phone while feeding your baby (I’ll admit, it did provide some counter arguments too), and I was sold. I will NOT use my mobile phone while breastfeeding – I’ll stare lovingly into the eyes of my beautiful baby while I feed him. Every. Single. Time.
Those of you who know me will know I’m not a confrontational person. I am not one to hold firm opinions and spout them out to everyone – generally, I like to people-please and try to agree with everyone on all fronts. But now I’m a blogger, and that allows me to share my personal experiences and story, and SHOULD BE without judgement (I know that that is not always the case – bracing self now).
So I had our beautiful little baby boy, and I stared at him lovingly as I navigated the world of breastfeeding, and then I realised something. I love the stuffing out of our kid, but boy is staring at him while feeding BORING. Especially when feeding takes FOR.EVER. Especially when you’re feeding at 2am in the morning – Please, if I didn’t have my phone with me while feeding at that ugly hour of the morning, I would have literally fallen asleep ON my boy dozens of times (if not every time). 
To be honest, I can’t remember the argument against mobile use while breastfeeding – whether it was to do with impeding bonding time or health factors (?), but I do know one thing – my son and I have an unshakeable bond. We still play and giggle to each other while he’s feeding (just because I use my phone does NOT mean I neglect my child). We play throughout the day, during change times. He smiles every time he sees me – no matter who is holding him or where we are in the room. His eyes follow me as I leave the room to give him time with his daddy (sorry hubby!). That doesn’t sound like we have an issue bonding, does it? And if using my phone in the middle of the night allows me to stay awake to feed him, or allows me to get some work done that I don’t have to do during the day, so I CAN play with him – then why wouldn’t I do it?
Have you had any experiences of judgement from brexting? I hope not – because know that I am on your side!


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