Guest Blog: Your New Mum Style Guide! {Ellen from The Stylist Mama}

I’ve mentioned it before, but one of my favourite things about motherhood, and blogging, so far has been the wonderful connections you make with other mums. There is this bond that you create by being united in this same journey, this same roller coaster – you meet another mum and there is instantly a companionship based on shared experience!

Ellen is one of these gorgeous mums I’ve met, and we just get along like a house on fire (I’ve never understood this saying… but it’s a good thing apparently!). She is the talented mind behind “The Stylist Mama” (A link to her blog, Facebook and Instagram are at the end of her post) and she agreed to share some stylist tips for any new mums out there. This is excellent, because I am the least fashionable person on the planet. I’ve already looked into her advice myself, and I hope you’ll find it helpful too!!


Being a new mummy, and a first time mummy can be extremely tiring and sometimes a little underwhelming when it comes to “bouncing back”. As a first time mum myself, I was so unsure about who I had become, and what I was meant to look like – and feel like! I still had all my lovely lady lumps (as I expected) but I really struggled with getting back into my “normal” clothes! Nothing really allowed for feeding, and boy had I changed shape! I quickly accepted who I had now become and loved it, but it took a little while to figure out how to look like I used to, while being comfortable in my new role as a mummy!

Here are some little tips to help you find your way back to YOU, when you’ve got a hub in tow!

If you are a breastfeeding mama:

– Tops with secret feeding compartments are going to be your best friend!

– Any type of dress or top that can easily allow for feeding (like being pulled down, pulled up, or to the side) will make life a lot easier. You never know when hub will need a feed! And I suggest you are always prepared to feed, even if you fed 20 minutes ago! I’ve gone out thinking ‘I’ll be fine’ then had to feed in the back of the car (undressed).

– Accessorise! Scarves will be a saviour for feeding mummies, because you can use them to cover yourself if you need to, and clean up any little drips or burps when you’ve finished! I bought lots of cheap “on trend” scarves and it made me feel like I had a new look + doubled as essential mummy cloth!

– Maternity bras now come in all sorts of styles and shapes (hooray!). I totally didn’t know this, but once I found ‘racer back’ and ‘halter’ styles, my confidence in wearing different things was so much better! PS: a few sportswear companies are also starting to make them which is amazing!!

In Summer:

– Jumping back into your bikini may feel like a very scary exercise, but think about wearing a different style if you’ve changed shape! I used to wear patterned bikinis and tops that used to accentuate my chest, but once I stopped feeding I went flat!! Couldn’t believe it! Anyway, I started to find really cool, monochrome one-pieces with cut out sides and the perfect tummy control which looked great!

– Wearing breast pads in Summer isn’t the most glamorous thing to do, but if you cut them in half, you can get away with wearing more summery fashion. You just have to change them a little sooner perhaps!

– Wearing recovery shorts, or tummy control bands after birth gets a little warm in the summer months, so wearing loose, maxi dresses will keep you much fresher than trying to wear anything too tight.

For teething babies:

– Teething necklaces (worn by mummy) make for an excellent teething toy, as well as an accessory! You don’t have to wear it all the time, but while you’re having  coffee, or doing the groceries, it’s a really nice distraction for your little one, as well as a pretty accessory for you!

You can find Ellen’s gorgeous blog HERE, follow her on Facebook HERE, and follow her on Instagram HERE.

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Based in Brisbane Australia, Ellen is a full time stylist, blogger, lover, and mother of one. She owns The Stylist Mama, a fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to showcasing the latest products, events and stories for women and children across the world. Click on the buttons below to find her site and social media handles.

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