Dear Starfish: Three Months Old

Dear Starfish,

This letter is a little late to you, and I just want to say I’m sorry. The reason it is late is because I’ve been busy with starting up my small business. You see, one day when you’re all grown up (but please don’t do this anytime soon!), you will understand that working is HARD, especially when it involves starting up your own business. I wanted to start this as a hobby, something to keep my adult mind ‘ticking’ while I spent my other hours singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and saying ‘Gooo’ and ‘Gaaahh’ to you. These are my favourite hours, but I need some Mum time too.

However, I didn’t realise how much work this would take, and it meant that there were times where my attention wasn’t entirely on you. It meant that you would sleep sometimes for 2 hours during the day and it would go by too quickly because I would be working. It meant that while we celebrated you turning 3 months and I took an excessive amount of photos, I didn’t get to document all the amazing things you could do on our little blog.

I started this blog so that I could record all our special memories, our moments, your learning and your growth. And I feel quite sad that I missed doing this for the last two weeks (mother’s guilt rearing its ugly head again!). So my beautiful little Starfish, this is what has happened since I last wrote to you:

* Mummy started her own business which she called ‘Starfish Creations’ in honour of YOU. I am doing this for you and our little family, so that I can hopefully spend more time with you, and you can one day be as proud of your mummy as she is of you.
* You turned 3 months old – time went WAY too quickly for us and we want it to slow down!
* You can hold your head up better during tummy time, for a solid couple of minutes. You look around, smile at us and stare at the environment around you – you are such a curious little boy!
* You ROLLED for the first time BY YOURSELF. No gravity carrying you over. You tried to kick yourself over several times, before finally making the roll by yourself. Mummy and daddy were so proud of you! We are still working on the second roll.
* You are getting too big for your bassinet and we might have to move you into your bedroom at nighttime – but mummy and daddy aren’t ready to let go of you just yet…
* You squirm during your day sleeps in the cot, and you’ve managed to turn yourself around so we come to find you upside down.
* You met your new best friend Finn – 3 months apart but we know you guys will be buddies for life, just like the parents!
* You smile a LOT and you have a noiseless laugh at the moment – you clearly show delight in things such as airplanes with daddy, mummy pushing the bed up and down while you’re on it, and big gasps of air. You also like watching the television flashing images – which hasn’t been helpful during feeding times when you’ve started to become more distracted by the environment around you (as I said, curious!)
* You’ve been very drooly lately – we’re not sure if you’re teething early or not, but there’s lots of drool!
* You will be joining a new playgroup soon with all of your mother’s group buddies – we can’t wait for that to start!

You were 15 weeks yesterday (3.5 months), and we seriously don’t know where that time has gone! Meeting your little buddy Finn reminded us of how much you’ve grown already, and how much there is to come in the next couple of months (swimming lessons, starting solids, teething).

Whatever happens, we enjoy spending every second with you and have loved to see your little personality growing. We love you so much!

All my love, always and forever,
Mummy xoxox

Some of our favourite photos – your progress with tummy time, and cuddles with mummy and daddy.

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