I love weekends. I know everyone does, and I already did, but I REALLY love them mores now.
I love our little family time. When we wake up in the morning and hear Starfish talking to himself, hubby and I clammer out of bed to sit and listen to his gorgeous babbles. We pull him out of the bassinet and cuddle him in bed. We sit in our living space, basking in the beautiful rays, eating breakfast and watching the little man laugh and converse with his BFF Mr. Cat (a hanging toy on his play mat). We enjoy more cuddles, more smiles and more babbles. We can’t get enough of it.
Sometimes, our little family catch up with friends and family members. Like today, when we celebrated the birthdays of two very special children. We were able to share the smiles and laughs of our little man with close friends, while also celebrating the lives of loved ones. 
These moments feel even more special now that we have Starfish with us. I treasure these weekend moments more than anything, where mummy, daddy and Starfish can create memories that I hope will last forever (and I can blog here so I never forget). For all those morning cuddles, smiles and laughs; for the lazy sunny days of nap times and more cuddles; for the sharing of memories with family and friends – I hope our little man will look back and know that he was so loved, by so many.
A serene sleeping moment before he woke up with smiles and babbles.


Spending some awake time with his blanket at our friend’s place.


A beautiful view on a glorious day.


What better way to spend a Saturday??


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