Today is a new day!

I’ll be honest. Going to bed last night, I wasn’t looking forward to today – I was hoping to skip Friday and get right to the weekend. If the little man was going to be cranky, at least I could use an extra set of hands. I was expecting him to have another grizzly day, so it came as a surprise when I woke up this morning around 6.40am to hear Starfish talking to himself. I popped my head over the edge of his bassinet and was greeted with a smile. As the pictures below show, he has been all smiles today! He even had an hour and a half sleep all by himself this morning with no help from mumma.
Seeing my little man’s gorgeous smiles today reminded me that no matter what happens on a particular day, there is always tomorrow – it is a new day! Maybe Mr. grizzles just came to visit for the day; maybe something was upsetting him on that particular day. Whatever happens, there is always the next day.
And I also know that no matter what happens with Starfish, no matter what the day brings, I love that little dude more than anything!

Lots of smiles from Mr. Starfish today!

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