Starfish’s first Messy Church

As I mentioned earlier, today has been a veeeeeerrrrryyyyy busy day. We have had the poor little man out and about for 8 hours straight, and he’s done so well to not be too cranky. He had some good sleeps on daddy at the expo, and then in the car on the way back to church.

Today is Starfish’s first Messy Church. For those who may not know what Messy Church is, it is a family craft afternoon at our church, open for all ages with lots of messy (and deliciously edible) activities for children to participate in. It is held at our church every couple of months, but obviously we couldn’t attend the last one as we had just had the little guy. We were pretty stoked to FINALLY be able to come along as our own little family and experience the fun of this event. Unfortunately poor Starfish got super tired in the middle of the afternoon (right when the service was starting) and was crying from over tiredness (he had stayed awake for too long because he was having way too much fun!). However, I was surprised to find that for the first time I wasn’t flustered by his extremely loud crying, but I was fine with it – my main concern was trying to get him to sleep and stop the poor little man from being upset. (Note: Not that I ever care more about my own feelings that Starfish’s – when we are out and he is upset, I am obviously concerned about him and wanting him to be happy, but sometimes I just wish he would let me know in slightly milder tones…)

I was a bit upset when I had him on the ground earlier in the afternoon, playing with him on the floor, and I looked down at him for our usual games, and he started crying with ACTUAL REAL TEARS (this has happened before, but not after he’s just looked at me!). Obviously that broke me heart a little bit – not sure why he was crying about my face, unless I scared him or he isn’t used to mumma wearing glasses. Whichever the case, I was heartbroken.

However, I managed to give him a little cuddle to sleep and he slept through the service and dinner. my arm was absolutely KILLING me (our big boofa!) and I had to hold off passing him to the hubby until he had finished music. But overall, we survived our first Messy Church, and we can’t wait for the Christmas one to come (soon – eek!)

Our first family selfie in a while!

The initial set-up before the families – and mess -arrived!
Sorry hubby, but I wanted a photo of Starfish with the Messy Church banner for his first MC!


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