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This post is sponsored by Pepe Corner

I love sharing products that I love, because I think good things shouldn’t be kept a secret. Who doesn’t love hearing about bargains, discounts, sales, and genuinely awesome products?? Especially when it comes to having a baby – I remember when I was pregnant, before Mr. Starfish came along, that it was very overwhelming trying to sift through all the bits and pieces you needed to buy – what kind of car seat should you get (capsule or rear-facing car seat)? What sort of stroller/pram (with a bassinet fitting? One that can expand to include a second child later down the track? Something about the wheels….?) – it all comes back down to those pesky decisions we have to keep making. It’s great to put on my blog too, because it can remind me later down the track when (if?) we have baby number 2…

Well, here is one little hidden gem that you may not have heard before, but I absolutely LOVE their products. Pepe Corner is a gorgeous little business that sells babies clothes (actually, all the way up to 7 years!), and they are just about to launch a BOYS COLLECTION (open my wallet now!). We were VERY fortunate to have been asked to partner with Pepe Corner, and our gorgeous little Starfish is now a mini model for some of their amazing outfits. Just CHECK. HIM. OUT.



These gorgeous Darcy rompers are such a perfect addition for Summer – we can’t wait to use them for the little man during our picnics and visits to the beach! The quality of the product is excellent and you can tell they have been lovingly handmade by the excellent mind behind Pepe Corner.

IN FACT – if you love these little outfits as much as we do, you’re IN LUCK!! Pepe Corner are having a giveaway competition on their Facebook page for one of these little outfits! You can visit my Facebook page (click at the top of the blog page) for more details, or visit Pepe Corner’s Facebook page directly here.

Thank you Pepe Corner for allowing us to partner with you and making my little Starfish such a gorgeous model!!


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