Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo – Sydney

Today, a mini-dream came true – I convinced hubby to come with me to the PBC expo! Despite a hectic day full of meetings and Messy Church, we made the trip out to see the expo and find some goodies for Starfish. I went to the previous expo earlier in the year when I was pregnant, which was really good, but I found it was hard to shop for things when I was pregnant when I hadn’t done my research and had no idea what I needed. I was excited about attending this time because we actually had our little man and could buy things just for him.

I work out near Sydney’s Olympic Park, and had been to the previous expo, so felt confident about getting there. I was a little surprised that there wasn’t any signage pointing towards parking (which they had previously). Nevertheless, we eventually found our way and walked the 1km to the expo (lucky it was sunny outside!). Hubby put Starfish in the carrier, because they both love this arrangement (as does mumma!), and the little guy was already sleepy on the walk over. I was mentally preparing myself for a ‘hangry’ moment (my friend taught me this term today, to describe the grumpy feeling you get when you’re hungry) and looking for the feeding facilities once we got there.

The expo itself was in a pavilion space, which I’m pretty sure was different to last time. While I thought the space itself was decent, hubby said he thought it would have been a much bigger affair. We did the most sensible thing, which was to walk up and down each aisle so we didn’t miss anything.

What I found this time though, was that many of the exhibitors were selling products such as cots, prams/strollers and feeding equipment – things that we already have and aren’t in need of. I realised this time around that the expo is primarily designed for pregnant women, those who are deciding on the styles of products they need. Of course there are still products for babies, mostly from the boutique, small-business stalls. We were able to buy some goodies for Starfish that we can’t wait to use with him, and there were a few shops I’d love to recommend:

Global Bambino has some super trendy baby clothes that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on! It was lucky (or unfortunate?) that hubby was there to stop me spending all our money. We did pick up an awesome hooded onesie for the little man, and can’t wait to get him to try it on in summer (I find it hard to choose sizing for babies – even though they say 3-6 months or whatever, I always find that (1) the sizes always differ per company/brand, and (2) if you have a little chubba bubba, they don’t necessarily fit into these sizes). We bought a size up in case. But there were heaps of trendy leggings and rashes that I know I’ll go back online to check out!

Love to Dream has been a favourite of ours for sometime now, since a friend recommended the brand. Starfish would always wriggle and fight his way out of the muslin wraps we would swaddle him in for bed time, which would then wake him up. Since using these amazing swaddle bags (of who we should thank for helping us come up with the affectionate nickname ‘Starfish’), the little guy has slept so much better, and so have we. They have swaddle bags for different ages and stages, which is awesome, so yesterday we purchased a Stage 2 swaddle – which can convert from a swaddle bag to an armless sleeping bag. Ready for Summer? Winning!

Swim Baby Speaking of getting ready for Summer – we are hoping to start Starfish’s swimming lessons at the end of next month, so the expo was the perfect opportunity to look for a swim nappy for him (although I’ve been told by a friend that some pools do NOT want you using swim nappies, only swim suits – while others DO want you to use one – best to find out before investing in one). Nevertheless, a great purchase so we can start swimming with the little man in Summer, even if it is just in Grandma and Pa’s pool!

Unique Baby Boutique While I didn’t purchase anything from them at the expo (I was trying to restrain myself for hubby’s sake!), I purchased a Father’s Day onesie from them earlier in the year. The quality was excellent and the customer service was amazing – I love all their products! Well worth a look at!

Of course, there were lots of amazing boutique stalls and baby information stands at the expo, but they were my favourites!! Don’t miss out on the next one if you’re pregnant or have a hub, due in Sydney next May!

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