POLL: Please help Mumma Morrison out!

This isn’t mine, this is just an example. I’ll replace with one of my own ASAP.

So it may ruin the surprise a bit, but I am looking at possibly starting my own business! (What the heck am I getting myself into….?) As I am now looking into all the logistics and legal issues surrounding such a venture, I am beginning to realise it is more of an extensive hobby than I initially thought. This is where I would LOVE some help – I would really like to know if the products I am looking into would generate any interest for mums or prospective mums (or women in general, these necklaces look awesome!)

I want to gauge interest first, and as I prepare some of the materials I might make some prototypes… so keep an eye on here and Facebook for a potential Giveaway!!!
Any feedback you could provide either in the poll or in the comments on this post would be greatly appreciated!!

** NOTE: If you wouldn’t be interested in any of the items, can you please click ‘Other’ and write ‘NONE’ – the results are anonymous. Thank you!

Of the following, which item/s would you be interested in purchasing for yourself or someone else?
Mum’s silicone necklace (safe around children)
Teething toy with wooden ring
Mum’s accessory necklace with wooden ring
Please Specify:

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