Peace and quiet…

Do you know what I can hear right now, besides birds chirping outside and the whirrrrr of my hard drive? Nothing! That’s right, absolutely nothing. Hubby has taken Starfish for a man’s trip to Bunnings, leaving me alone in the house to do some bits and pieces I’ve wanted to do for days. Like what? Make some delicious lactation cookies (yes, you read that correctly). Of course, as I got all the ingredients ready to make them, I realise that we’ve run out of eggs because we haven’t done a grocery shop in what seems to be too long. So no baking for this mumma today.

It’s also given me a chance to sit down and try to sift through all the bits and pieces for my new venture, which seems to be an ever-increasing swirling vortex into the abyss.

But at least I can do it in peace and quiet 🙂 (Of course now I miss my boys…) Isn’t it funny how as soon as your gorgeous little bundle of joy isn’t around, you miss them like crazy? That is literally the story of my life. He’ll be gone for 30 minutes and when he comes home I’ll smother him like I lost him in the woods or something.

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