Parental anxiety

Today we are going to the movies with our mother’s group friends to see Bridget Jones’ Baby. I’m excited, but also quite anxious. Although it is a ‘bring your baby’ session, I’m still trying to wrap my head around going out in public with an almost 12-week old baby. While Starfish isn’t a fussy baby, he can be quite loud when he wants something, or if he’s overly tired. And sometimes that really flusters me when he cries so loudly around others.

I’m currently sitting in our parked car outside the cinemas waiting to go inside, psyching myself up for it. What if he starts crying (really loudly) during the movies? What if he doesn’t go to sleep? I know those are normal baby things. I know my little Starfish is just trying to tell me something, and I desperately want to help him. But I’ve always been an overly anxious person, and it seems becoming a parent intensifies those worries and concerns.
I’m praying now, trying to be confident that I can help little Starfish with whatever he needs, and we can both have a good day with our friends. In the meantime, I’m going to attempt another first: a full clothes/nappy change on the backseat.

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