Mundane Days… with a surprise!

Before I start, the kind of surprise I’m referring to in this post is NOT poop related (although, we did get that kind of surprise yesterday afternoon). Hubby and I just think this meme is so hilarious and accurate, we refer to it all the time.

I’m not normally a surprise kind of person. I like to be organised, well-prepared – the typical perfectionist. Even when it came to finding out the gender of our little man, I was more for finding out than hubby. But as he wanted it to be a surprise, we agreed to wait. Of course, surprises are lovely ¬†and finding out that we had a son during the birth was beyond amazing. But you know when someone tells you that a surprise is coming, and then you just want to know what it is? If it is a surprise, then don’t tell me it’s coming – let it be just that, a SURPRISE.

Well I’m going to break my own rule, because I’m too excited (lol).

Today is one of those days that is slowly becoming a bit of a norm around here. The initial excitement of new baby and new home is starting to dwindle around our family and friends as it settles into the new form of routine. Loved ones and well wishers are slowly dropping in numbers, leaving little Starfish and I to fend for ourselves. I guess it was going to happen eventually.

So today is a day where we are staying at home, with no plans to leave. This is always a bit exciting for me, because I can lounge around in my PJs all day (yes, this is what my level of excitement has now reached to). It also means I get to spend some lovely time with our little boy, playing and smiling, and trying to get him to sleep. This usually takes up the whole of my day, and I don’t get much else done. Occasionally I can fit in a load of washing here, a blog post there, then I go and resettle Starfish to sleep. But now as we try to let him self-settle, and as he is learning to sleep for longer during the day, it gives me a bit more time. Yes, I still do loads of washing (like, every single freaking day), tidy up, etc. But I’ve also decided to try a new venture, along with my blog, Instagram and Facebook pages (because social media is fun, let’s face it!) Today I’ve been spending those moments while the little one is asleep to plan and work out how to start this new thing.

It’s going to be big. It’s going to be exciting. Gosh I hope it works out. But if you do read along with my small, little posts, I hope you can get excited for this big surprise coming soon (and sorry for being one of those people!)


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