Mum life: Mother’s Group

Today Starfish and I went to the movies with the ladies and bubs from Mother’s group. What a blessing that was! Despite my anxiety about going out, I am trying to make the most of every opportunity to catch up with these ladies.

I didn’t really know much about mother’s groups until my sister had her first bub over a year ago. Living a bit of a ways out from family and friends, I know she really valued attending this group to establish a support network locally. After we had our little man, the HCN who visited us recommended attending mother’s group ASAP. As hubby was still on leave, we both attended group for the first time when Starfish was almost 4 weeks old. Since we moved, there was another group that was closer to our location, and even though I tried attending that group, I didn’t ‘click’ as well as I did with the group we initially visited.

While the group sessions were helpful early on for all those millions of questions new mums tend to ask, I have valued this group so much more for the weekly coffee catch-ups, the Facebook conversations and the emotional support that all the ladies offer. There have been days where I have no idea what I’m doing (basically everyday!), or when I’ve been a bit overwhelmed, and the ladies in our group have shown love and encouragement that have helped me strive to be a better mum.

So thanks ladies, here’s to hopefully many more catch-ups and our babies growing up together xx


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