Mum life: Friends

Today I am reminded (once again) how lucky we are to have such amazing friends. Starfish and I had a visit today from our dear friend Aunty Claire. She is a midwife, so handles babies effortlessly and with such grace. It is so nice to have such lovely people who care so much for our little man com over for cuddles and catch ups. It is also soooo nice to talk to adults again about things besides poo and boob – girly chats about life like the ‘old days’.

I’ve read a couple of other posts lately about keeping friendships while being a mum, and I feel like they hold some (or a lot?) of truth. It can be really hard to maintain friendships when you have this little human depending on you for so much. Even when lovely friends come over to visit, you can spend so much of your time settling the LO (little one) for sleep or feeding them, that you don’t actually get much of a catch up. Attendance at social events is basically non-existent – especially with such a young baby – so much so that your invitations dwindle by the second. And even when you do brave it and go out, the little man is due for a sleep or a feed and you spend your time focusing on him. Again. 

Not that I would have it any other way. 

But it means that sometimes it seems like I’m not a good friend. And maybe I’m not. But it isn’t intentional. It’s because this beautiful baby boy is relying on me – on us – for everything. We have been charged with the responsibility of raising him to be a gorgeous, loving, wonderful little boy (and one day man – oh gosh…), and that is what we need to focus on at the moment. 

So to all my wonderful friends, if ever you read this, I’m sorry for the missed text messages, the missed phone calls, the missed Facebook messages or snapchats. It’s not on purpose. Little Starfish just needs me right now. But you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Whatever time we get to spend with you we love and cherish. And we thank you for supporting us and loving our little man with us. 

Aunty Claire, thanks for a great day with us today! 🙂

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