Mum life: Busyness!

After all the initial excitement of starting this blog and documenting my memories with hubby and Starfish, today was the first day where I hardly had time to think about it. Why? Because we were BUSY! If you ever think you’re busy, wait until children are in the picture!!

We started off with a beautiful breakfast at a local cafe (so that’s our bad adding to the busy day!), and even though he hardly slept that morning, Starfish was the perfect little man and we enjoyed a delicious big breakfast, gorgeous sunny weather and wonderful quality family time. After that we had some of our fam bam come to visit and see our new house, which was a lot of fun (and Starfish had a good sleep by then!). We then stopped off at Baby Bunting to get some rattle toys, and then headed off to church cause hubby was on music.

Despite this HECTIC day, our little dude was amazing. We were so proud of how well he behaved and how much fun we all had. Busyness is a part of family life, but it means we get to create more special memories that we can treasure forever.

Starfish’s short sleep as we arrived for breakfast. This lasted two minutes.


Luckily, we got through eating our breakfast and he was the perfect little boy – despite having minimal sleep all morning! 


I LOVE going out for breakfasts – especially on a sunny spring day.


Starfish got some gorgeous new rattle toys to help him recognise where sounds come from. Fingers crossed it works!
Starfish listening to our friend preach at church.


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