Life and Death

Today has been both a joyous day, and one of great sadness. We are celebrating Starfish’s 3 month birthday (is that a thing – it’s totally a thing now!) today, while also mourning the loss of a friend of ours at his memorial service. It is so hard to feel several emotions at the same time, yet all the same it is still possible.

At the memorial service, we got to hear about the amazing life of this wonderful man – all the things he accomplished, the lives he touched, the experiences he shared. He has left a legacy of love and inspiration through his wife, children and grandchildren. While deeply upsetting, it is always inspiring to see these people who have lived such full and happy lives, and I believe that he is now in a truly better place with no more pain.

On the other hand, my beautiful baby boy is 3 months old today. Today we get to celebrate all the things he is now able to accomplish, such as holding his head up while on his tummy, grasping toys and objects, and extended babbling. We are enjoying his life and all the new experiences he has each and everyday.

What a stark contrast between these two events. I was reflecting on this today and just realised the immense nature of it all. Life beginning and life ending – how epic is that? I feel so privileged to have known my friend – who sang at our wedding – as well as being responsible for shaping the life of this little person in my life.

I’ve always wanted to do something meaningful with my life (and in a way, I feel that I have accomplished this in several ways), but nothing compares to being one of the two people solely responsible for raising a child. I feel like I have now been gifted with the most important task, of raising our boy to become a faith-filled, loving, kind, generous, selfless man. A man who will one day be able to reflect on his life and see all the things he has accomplished, the lives he has touched and the experiences he has shared.

Praying that Starfish, hubby and I are up for that challenge – the challenge of a lifetime!

This little guy. 3 months today – where the heck did that time go???


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