Lazy Spring Days

I love spring. Not as much as summer, but pretty close to it. I love as the weather warms up, you can laze around outside and actually enjoy sun. And daylight savings starts too, which is pretty awesome (despite the change in bub’s routine).

We recently moved from a unit to a house to support our growing little family. Craig and I bought reclining camp chairs which we used to sit out on the unit balcony and lap up the sunlight. But now we’ve moved to a house, and it’s even better. We use the reclining chairs both inside and outside to sit in the glorious sun. And now we have a BACKYARD. So we can sit outside for picnics and enjoy each other’s company. Plus our new backyard is the perfect size and shape for the most epic slip ‘n’ slide in history. Stay tuned for that in summer!

But today I got to enjoy a lazy spring day with Starfish in the backyard. It was a bit windy, and I needed to shade the sun from his eyes. But gosh he looks cute in his little hat when he’s chilling out in the sun.


Nice lazy days in the backyard. Almost feels like summer #littlestarfishmorrison

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