Dear Starfish

Dear Starfish,
Since this blog is to document all the memories we’ve created, all the experiences we’ve shared, and all the feelings I’ve had since becoming your mummy, I thought it would be nice to write you some letters that you can (hopefully) one day look back on.
You’re almost 12 weeks old, and we cannot believe how quickly the time has flown! It seems not long ago that we were living in the unit, rocking you to sleep at 2am singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘Mary had a little lamb’ on repeat! (If I hear those songs one more time…) You were still learning to sleep by yourself because you were so little, so mummy and daddy would take turns cuddling you on the couch watching netflix to help you sleep. But now you’re a big boy, ¬†and you’re learning to sleep all on your own.
You love to smile and laugh and ‘talk’ with mummy and daddy. Whenever you wake up, you will always smile at us when we come to get you. You also smile at us when you should be sleeeping (cheeky boy…) Your smile is infectious, and daddy and I are just soooo in love with it! After we’ve put you to bed at nighttime, daddy and I will often look back on photos and videos we’ve taken of you during the day because we can’t get enough of you (although sometimes with your loud crying we sometimes need a break!)
You seem to be a naturally curious little boy. From day one, you’ve appeared extremely alert (everyone has commented on this), and you seem to constantly take in the world around you. I pray that you never lose this curiosity. Never lose that sense of wonder and adventure, because there is so much to this world that God has made, and daddy and I want you to experience every part of it.
Well, it’s 2.30am feeding time when I’m writing this to you. I’m sure by the time you’re reading this, you will hopefully be sleeping through the night and in your own room. Daddy and I will miss that in a strange way, because it’ll mean you’ve started growing up and we’ll have to start letting you go to live your own life. But no matter where you are or what you’re doing, we’all always be your mummy and daddy, and we’ll always love you.
All my love, forever and always,
Mummy xoxox


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