Dear Starfish: Ups and Downs

Dear Starfish,

Today we had some ups and downs. You are 12 weeks old today, and over the past week and a half you have started to really blossom – you’ve been sharing lots of smiles and laughs. You’ve been a very happy little boy. But today there were some times where you were a little fussy again (nothing too major – all babies are fussy!). And mummy is still working on her patience. You amazed me with a wonderful 2.5 hour sleep this morning, but then the rest of the day you were a little out of sorts. Aunty Lorne came to visit but she only got a couple of quick cuddles, because you seemed hungry, and then tired, and then hungry again. It was one of those days where we needed to work on our communication – mummy needed to listen better.

I hope when you read this our communication is much better.

There were times when mummy probably got a bit more frustrated than she should have. When you were tired but would’t sleep, when you were hungry but wouldn’t feed. As much as I tried to cuddle you, comfort you, and help you, you were still a bit unhappy. And I’m sorry that mummy wasn’t more patient and loving for you. I’m sorry.

But there were also some good times today – as there always is. We played on the floor together as we always do. We had some smiles and laughs while I changed you, and you continued to work on your talking skills. You even started grabbing things that I put in your hand more intentionally.

I pray that whatever comes your way, whenever things seem to be down, you can always remember those good moments. They’re always there, if you look hard enough.

I’ll always love you, and I’ll always strive to be the patient, loving mumma you deserve.

All my love, forever and always,

Mummy xoxox

Playing with mummy on the floor.


Sleeping during and after the feed.


Mum loves the Very Hungry Caterpillar, so all your friends and family have decided to share that love with you too.


You started intentionally holding toys I put in your hand – what a clever boy!


I love your expression in this – you don’t look like you enjoy the horsey (but you actually do!)


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