Dear Starfish: Rain, rain, go away

Dear Starfish,
Yesterday started as a very, very wet day. Do you remember me teaching you about what rain was when you were only a few weeks old? (No, probably not). Well we saw a lot of it yesterday. In the middle of the night, daddy and I woke up to hear rain and thunder. We were worried that the loud noises would wake you, and we were ready for cuddle duty. But you slept peacefully through the noise (even though our footsteps sneaking into bed can stir you!)
With the miserable weather, it got me thinking how much I love sunny days and summer. I wanted to wish for you that you never have rainy days, but sunny days always. I can see how that is unrealistic – the weather is unpredictable and only God can control it. I guess it will be the same with your life – I will always want you to have sunny moments, and I want to protect you from the rainy ones, but that too is unrealistic. Besides, it will be those rainy times that will make you into the boy, and man, you grow up to be.
All I can promise is that mummy, daddy, and God, will always be with you no matter what weather is in your life. And we will be immensely proud of all you accomplish.
All my love, always and forever,
Mummy xoxox



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