Blood, sweat and tears

We had a pretty emotional night in the Morrison household last night. Starfish was refusing to feed from his bottle, which he has been having since he was 4 weeks old. He was even fussy on the boob. He was over tired, and we were worn out.

It was probably our fault really, we went and visited a baby swimming lesson to see if we’d enrol him for classes. During his normal bedtime routine/sleep time? Parenting fail right there.

Anyway, it was a very tiring and emotional night. We wanted him to just feed and go to sleep. There were tears, and not just from Starfish. The fight to get him to feed (we knew he was hungry, he made that clear!) was intense, as was the struggle to get him to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say Starfish is a fussy baby. He is just extremely vocal when he wants or needs something (a real, rowdy boy already!). 

It has made me realise that motherhood, and parenting in general, is such a roller coaster of emotions. Your own flesh and blood is just sitting there (or lying there, in Starfish’s case), relying on you for everything, and sometimes it can become all too much. Sometimes I am internally (or externally….) screaming ‘What do you want?’ It is so hard seeing your LO (little one) so distressed and not knowing how to help.

Eventually he calmed down. Eventually he got some sleep through the night (albeit not the longer stretches we had recently been enjoying) and then you wake up to this.

Starfish wins at life.


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