Awful days

Yep. It’s one of those days. To be honest, it has been sh*t. My new ‘venture’ looks like it’s been shot down before even starting, my son is screaming the place down and refuses to sleep, and a wonderful, caring man I know passed away. What a hideously, awful day. I’ve been bawling my eyes out while trying to rock Starfish to sleep. Then I get the worst mother’s guilt for being frustrated at him for not sleeping. My biggest fear is that I’ll be a horrible mum – I won’t be the mum he deserves. And today is one of those days where I don’t feel like I’m giving him what he needs.

I’m sitting in our bedroom giving him another feed since nothing else is working, praying my hardest that he’ll go back to sleep. I’m praying that this new venture might actually work. But my biggest prayers are going to my friend’s family and loved ones, that they may know God’s love and presence at this time.

Sorry little man – this was mummy this morning!


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