A reason for everything

So this post is being typed intermittently as I try to settle Starfish, who is fighting off sleep in his most expressive tones. He has been awake for over 2 and a half hours, but seems to be having too much fun to go to sleep (story of his life!)

Ironically, while I’ve had the idea of writing a blog for a little while, the idea to actually begin came while I was driving with Starfish to Baby Bunting earlier this afternoon. He’d had some good sleeps this morning, so I thought I should get on the blog thing to have something to do while he sleeps during the day – Ha! Spoke too soon.

The reason for starting a blog is simple – to document this new chapter of our lives. Motherhood has been such a roller coaster already, and it’s only been 11 weeks so far (but boy how quickly that time has flown!!) I’d love to look back on this blog down the track and remember. I have a horrible memory, and I don’t want to miss out or forget how my child/ren grew up. I want to remember everything that Starfish says and does – although at the moment it’s more does – and I want to remember my thoughts and feelings, cause someday I might do it all again and it’d be nice to remember all the ins and outs that I’ll most likely forget.

Starfish’s protests to sleep also have a reason – over tiredness is usually the cause – and it’s what I try to remind myself of when he escalates to ear-splitting volumes and I either want to cry or scream. 

And then he smiles at you. Every. Time. 

So this blog is just a new thing for me. I don’t expect anyone to read it, except maybe my husband who I’ll force to read my rants. But if anyone else comes across this thing, I hope you enjoy and maybe learn something from my adventures. 

Starfish yesterday morning. When I woke up, he was talking to himself in his bassinet. As soon as I went to get him, he started smiling at me. Bless!

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