Nappy Bag Essentials for New Mums

When I was preparing for my baby shower (pre-Starfish, obvs), I knew I wanted a stylish and awesome Nappy Bag. Why? Because it was one of those things I just knew I would need as a new mum. It would be the accessory I would take with me everywhere, so […]

Style Your Home: Blume Flower School

Confession time: When I was in Year 12, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I finished school. So I dreamt about becoming a Florist. I got to the stage of looking up a course at a flower school and dreaming of flower shops to work in, until […]

Mums Get Separation Anxiety Too

My return to work is less than two weeks away, and my separation anxiety is slowly increasing every day. I know I’ve written about it before, but I was fortunate enough to contribute to Mumtastic about my experience. Read my article at Mumtastic, “Separation Anxiety is a Mum Thing Too” […]

The Secret to Home Organisation

Prior to having Starfish, I was a very organised person. I was a perfectionist, and I was a teacher, meaning laminating resources was my thing. I would spend countless hours cutting and laminating (and cutting some more) pieces of paper to stick up around my classroom. This would happen during […]

Separation Anxiety… My son gets it too

In a month and a half, my son will be turning 1. It is a monumental occasion, and something that is becoming a big deal in our household. This is for obvious reasons, such as surviving a year of parenthood and our first child growing up before our eyes – […]

Kangatraining for New Mums

Since having Starfish, I’ve yoyo-ed some serious weight (damn hormones and convenient drive-thru Maccas!). While I’ve signed up to play Netball on the weekends, I’ve been less than motivated to exercise throughout the week – deciding to focus my time and efforts on my blogging business instead. Even walking to […]

Which Type of Mum Are You? Quiz

Who remembers the old 90’s quizzes in all our favourite magazines? The ones where you’d answer a, b, c, or d and you’d find out which Spice Girl you were most like, or who your ideal partner was based on whether you fold your toilet paper over the top or […]

Episode II: The Return of the Mum Guilt

Mum guilt. Ughhh. It is actually the worst, right mummas? I haven’t written a personal post in a while. You know, one about my life and so forth. But this post, which I’ve called Episode II: The Return of the Mum Guilt (I was kind of getting a Star Wars-y […]

PBC Expo Sydney – 19-21 May

Yesterday I visited the PBC Expo – for the third time in 1 year. I visited this time last year when I was heavily pregnant with my son; then we visited around Oct/Nov last year when he was 3 months old. And now, as an almost 10 month old boy, […]