Messy Play For Babies You Can Do At Home!

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for some fun activities to do with your little ones. I remember thinking how hard it was to come up with play ideas for Starfish when he was 6 months or younger, but luckily Lauren from Teacher Types share some amazing baby play […]

9 Amazingly Easy Homemade Baby Toys

Are you looking for some homemade baby toys for under 1 year olds? It can be hard to find inexpensive baby toys, let alone ones that will help their learning and development. Below I’ve included my top 9 ways to create homemade baby toys that are both engaging and promote […]

5 Easter Ideas for Babies Under 1 year old

Are you looking for Easter ideas for babies? Even as a trained primary school teacher, sometimes I struggle to think of creative and educational activities for my son. He just seems so…. Little. However I’ve come up with 5 Easter ideas for babies under 1 year old that you can […]

5 Sensory Tubs for Little Learners

As an early years educator and mother to two little people myself, I’m a very big advocate for Sensory Play! As children play, they explore the world around them and build a solid foundation of scientific understanding which will grow with them through their schooling years. Today I’d like to […]

6 Easy Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers

We really enjoy themed and celebratory activities in our house. So, coming up to Valentine’s Day it is always sweet to do some Valentine’s Day activities and crafts with your littles that can either be shared with family, or just to spread the love around the home. It is also […]

Letter Recognition and Technology

So much of our lives these days are driven by technology, and although there are negatives, technology can also provide amazing learning opportunities. I am sure that I am not alone in the fact that every time I am working on the computer, I am guaranteed to have some helpful […]

10 Brilliant Baby Play Ideas

Baby’s minds are like little sponges. Growing and learning at a rapid rate every single day. That’s why baby play is so important for their early development, but we often struggle to come up with ideas of what to do with them (granted often babies do love to play with […]

3 Ways To Encourage Early Literacy

My little man just had his first birthday! It was a proud moment! And one that my husband and I gave ourselves high fives behind closed doors to celebrate that we made it in one piece and so did he… Rather than live in survival mode, we have now come […]