About Me

about me

Me and My Starfish – Photography by Janelle Keys Photography.

Hi lovely mummas! My name is Fiona, although I prefer Fi. I’m a 28 year old FTM (First-time mum – Yep, I’ve learnt the lingo!) to a beautiful baby boy. We affectionately call him ‘Starfish’ because he looked like a starfish when he slept in his ‘Love to Dream’ swaddle (which I HIGHLY recommend – what a sleeping godsend!). He has now graduated from that to a sleeping bag, and now makes owl noises – so maybe he’s changed species?! (Although he’ll always be our little Starfish). He is currently 10 months old; the time has gone so quickly it is pretty ridiculous.

I’m married to the love of my life, Craig, and even though we practically have no time to do anything anymore besides eat, sleep and cuddle Starfish, I love doing life with him.

We follow Jesus, which is the foundation of our lives and our family. Even though we have been in zombie mode for over a year as new parents, we aim to live our lives for Jesus and sharing his love and his Word. We are praying that we can raise Starfish to know and love Jesus too. We regularly attend church and like to be involved as much as possible.

I am a Primary School teacher currently on maternity leave – I was teaching year 2 before I left. I’ve also worked as the Children’s worker at our church for 6 years prior to that, as well as in child care and before and after school care. 10 years of working with children overall. It looks like I’ll have to go back to teaching part time in late July, which I am not overly looking forward to (I’d rather spend my days hanging out with Starfish and blogging) but I know once I’m back at the school and working with my colleagues and the kids that I’ll love it.

If I had time for hobbies, they’d probably include binge reading, binge watching tv shows… and that’s it (as I said, no time for hobbies). I’m hoping to add blogging to that list.

I started this blog so I could document my life with Starfish. I have a horrible memory. My sister will always say to me, “Remember when we were little and we did this?” And I would always stare blankly at her, because quite frankly no, I don’t remember that. I didn’t want to have this same experience with the life of my baby boy, so I thought I would write down our daily lives so that we could both look back on it when he was older and remember our journey together.

However, as I started to blog more I received lots of encouraging comments from new and prospective mums who found my posts comforting, encouraging and inspiring (what AMAZING feedback!?). I then realised that I wanted Mumma Morrison to be something more. So my new aim (while still remaining as a momento of my life with my son) is to encourage and support new and prospective mums in their motherhood journey. 

I also recently started my own small business (what was I thinking?!) called ‘Starfish Creations‘. Of course, it is named after our little boy. It is fun and creative and is a nice balance with the blogging side of things – it has become a new ‘hobby’, which I am trying to squeeze time in for!

Thank you for taking the time to read our stories. I hope you find encouragement, support and inspiration in these posts. I’d love to hear your feedback, so please leave comments on my posts, or contact me at hello@mummamorrison.com or via the contact form! 

A HUGE THANK YOU to Janelle from Janelle Keys Photography for the amazing photos on the blog. Make sure you check her website out HERE, Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.